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Found 17 results

  1. WTS IPTorrents and Torrentleech Invites. PM me for details.
  2. .::IPTorrents | IPT | General | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION IPTorrents is THE best General Tracker out there, PERIOD. Whether this is pre-times, content, speed, retention periods or even the community, there is no competition among the other general trackers out there. On IPTorrents users can find anything TV Shows/Movies/Music/XXX/Games/0Day The massive userbase along with many seedboxes guarantees very fast speeds. But don't let this scare you. Ratio building is easy, not only because of the big swarm, but also because they have many FreeLeech torrents which along with the Bonus Points can help achieve a decent ratio. Ratio rules are as follows: Every user has an obligation to keep his ratio any time above .96. Once your ratio is below .96 you will receive a warning from the system. Once your ratio is greater than .95 the warning will be automatically removed by the system. If your ratio falls below 0.2 your account will be frozen from downloading and only seeding or donation will remove this lock. Invites are handed periodically to Power Users and up. 1-3 invites are given. As a personal suggestion, IPTorrents is a MUST HAVE tracker for everyone. HOME CATEGORY BROWSE TORRENT TOP 10 MOVIES TV REQUEST FORUMS RULES FAQ BONUS POINT DONATION USERCLASSES RATINGS
  3. Apply here by mentioning my name - do not PM me please. i'll do - Like and add Rep - Use your account for your own - Add Feedback after you receive the invite winner :
  4. 3x HDTorrents, 3x IPTorrents, 2x MYSpleen invites giveaway Reply here to apply Send me a PM Add Like +Rep Give Feedback after receive the invite.
  5. Hello guys, I've 3 invitations of iptorrents, if anyone wants reply here. After receiving invite please give me like and positive feedback, Regards
  6. I have Invites for Empornium and IPTorrents, and i am looking for a Invite.
  7. Hello everyone! I have some invites to give away. 2 x Learnbits, 3x IPtorrents, 2x Waffles Rules: 1. Reply here to apply 2. Send me a PM 3. Hit Like +Rep 4. Drop a positive feedback after you receive invite. Regards.
  8. seems to be a good invite plateform
  9. Hi friends, ı am very happy today due to some things. So ı am giving away some invites. 2x IPtorrents, 1x Waffles rules: 1 reply here to apply 2 send me a PM 3 Add like + rep 4 +1 Feedback after receive the invite...
  10. My name is Gork. My interests are art, music, philisophy, sandbox adventure games. I have NOPE ----- staff edit ----- please use other section of forum for this!
  11. Tracker Name : IpTorrents Why Do You Need It : because they have good encodes Speed Test:
  12. I am selling invites Hdspace $5USD IPtorrents $5USD Waffles $5USD No trades, PayPal only Please PM Thank you
  13. Hello! I've been a member for a few months now and figure it's time to throw some offers on the table! All invites and accounts come with 6-months of free Dashlane Premium (I'll supply my referral link), which is usually $30/year (bonus mentioned in title). If you don't know what Dashlane is, it's a password manager; and in my opinion better than LastPass any of the other larger named managers. It works and syncs flawlessly between my iPhone and Macbook Pro (Android and Windows compatible too). Check out the website: "". If you just want Dashlane, I'm happy to sell the 6-month invites for $5. INVITES: - 5 Invites - $8/each - 1 Invite - $12 (want the account? make an offer) - 1 Invite - $10 (want the account? make an offer) ACCOUNTS: - no buffer - $10 - 1.8 Ratio (180gb/100gb) - $6 - no buffer - $4 - 30gb buffer - $5 You can contact me through private message All transaction performed through Paypal; details provided after initial contact
  14. I have for trade: Torrentday IPTorrents Looking for: Thunderbytes What.CD Pass the popcorn TVtorrents Or others let me know what you have.
  15. Hi, I have 1 invite for IPT to give away. The requirements to enter the giveaway are: - Recent speedtest - 1x Ratio proof