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Found 1 result

  1. Kasamba Psychics Review 2017 May Promotion: FREE 3-minute reading. Plus Take 50% off your first reading ($1 per minute) There are psychic networks and then there is Kasmba Psychics (formerly LivePerson Psychics). Kasamba Psychics is the only online psychic chat network that offers a real-life/real time online psychic chat platform. Some consider this to be a particularly authentic type of reading, since a clairvoyant cannot base his or her reading on your voice or posture;, but instead, must rely solely on the gift of intuition. You type your questions into a chat or Instant Message window and watch in real time, as your psychic advisor types back to you letter by letter. The result is a deep and immediate connection that’s hard to duplicate anywhere else. It’s good to know, too, that Kasamba currently boasts hundreds of the top online psychic readers, including sought-after psychics such as David James (with over 30,000 reviews) and Mystic Sandra. In fact, Kasamba’s psychics boast 5-star ratings on 3 million readings, and they've been in business since 1999. Whatever type of reading you’re seeking, you’ll find it on Kasamba. You can select from over 20 categories – fortune telling, astrology, dream analysis, numerology, palm readings, tarot cards and more – and find a minimum of about two dozen psychic readers who are renown specialists. Click on Cheating & Affairs, for example, and discover 953 spiritual healers, emphatic clairvoyant mediums and other mediums that provide clear answers and guidance without mumbo jumbo. Or search Soulmate Connections and find 1,241 advisors with the innate ability to unravel emotional knots and empower your spirit with strength and confidence.If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about which psychic to choose, there are real ratings from real customers to help you determine which psychic might be your best match. Are there other reasons to choose Kasamba? Absolutely. If it’s convenience you’re looking for, Kasamba empowers you to connect efficiently with thousands of online psychics, either from their website, toll-free, by mobile phone, or through their recently introduced Tablet Chat in HTLM5. That’s a lot of ways to connect! Once you do connect, Kasamba does everything in its power to ensure that you have the most rewarding reading possible. If you do select online chat – which is what the majority of customers do – the Presto Chat interface ensures that text displays as soon as it’s entered, so you aren't waiting on pins and needles to receive your guidance. Afterwards, your online psychic chat transcript is saved, so you can go back any time you like to freshen your memory about what transpired between you and your psychic. Another reason is Kasamba’s commitment to confidentiality. Your private information is never shared – even with the psychic advisors – and no prepayment is required. As a result, you can relax and concentrate on your reading. Once you establish a Kasamba account, you can choose a psychic who will reveal your destiny by carefully reviewing their specialties, ratings, reviews, and pricing. You can also easily save all of your readings, a very valuable feature in case you wish to return for additional clarification of your psychic predictions. Kasamaba has attracted a large, loyal fans. With its chat-room format, easy-to-navigate website, vast variety of readings and satisfaction guarantee for those who are using it for the first time, it’s well worth deciding for yourself. It’s good to know this: if you’re not 100% satisfied with your reading, all you need to do is request a refund. Fill in the online form with the advisor's name, date of reading and session fee within 72 hours and Kasamba will take it from there. Their goal is complete satisfaction. Bottom Line: With its chat-room format, easy-to-navigate website, vast variety of readings and satisfaction guarantee for those who are using it for the first time, Kasamba is well worth deciding for yourself. Current Sweet Deal: New customers are encouraged to accept a FREE 3-minute reading from any psychic advisor they choose, via web, mobile and toll-free calls. Afterwards, you can control how much you pay with an advisor who’s within your budget range, with prices starting at just $1 a minute. My Final Rating For Kasamba Psychics: 4/5 added 0 minutes later Kasamba Psychics Network Review Helping seekers find their way to a happy and fulfilling life since 1999 is one of their biggest strengths and Kasamba makes it easy. Thanks to its Presto Chat interface, you and your psychic can share the same space and quickly text back and forth at lightning speed. There’s no annoying downtime; text can be viewed as soon as it’s entered. If you want to go back after your psychic session and revisit your psychic session, no problem — your online psychic chat transcript is saved for you. Kasamba boasts some other powerful enticements as well. It claims to be the best online psychic network, boldly claiming, “three million 5-star reviews don’t lie.” Indeed, that’s impressive, and in case you’re still not completely convinced, its satisfaction guarantee should seal the deal. New psychic seekers are guaranteed unlimited three-minute first chat sessions with each new psychic and then 50 percent off for the rest of the session. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied anytime during those three minutes, you can simply request a refund. Kasamba promises to take care of you and make things right. The offer and guarantee go a long way towards alleviating any anxiety you might have about giving Kasamba a chance. First though, you need to navigate its less-than-intuitive website. To gain access to the physics you must first click on “start my free reading.” Don’t let that be daunting: you are not committing to anything by clicking. Once you do, you can select “chat or phone”, and check out the profiles of more than 500 skilled psychics. You can sort by highest rank, new psychic, and various price options. Kasamba encourages seekers to trust their instincts. Still, a bit of advance work helps. The horizontal menu on the top includes a wide range of psychics: from fortune tellers to astrologists, tarot card readers to dream analysts, love relationship psychics to career forecasters and a surprising number of other categories under “more”. You can then “drill down” and access lots of great information, including a statement about each psychic’s services, experience and qualifications, and real customer reviews. All in all, Kasamba has much to offer for those who take the time to navigate and become acquainted its many features. With its great pricing and reassurances, Kasamba makes it inviting to test the waters. A Closer Look At Kasamba Psychics Kasamba has been on the scene for several years, launched by the company that owns Live Person, and it now boasts over two million customers. Its biggest claim to fame is its real-life chat platform – a particularly authentic type of reading because clairvoyants must rely solely on their intuitive gifts rather than “reading into” the seeker’s tone of voice. Their psychics are available for readings 24/7. Quality of Psychics Screening process: Kasamba’s screening process is nothing to write home about. So you need to be vigilant in your selection process. A good way to connect with an authentic psychic is to pay particular attention to customer ratings and reviews. There are many high ratings posted, so if you choose carefully, you will be amply rewarded. Range of readings: You’d expect a wide range of readings from a psychic network that has brought together top online psychic readers and Kasamba comes through for you. Just about anything you’d anticipate – from love & relationship to finance and career readings…from past lives to eastern philosophies…are provided by a vast choice of psychics. Psychic ratings: Ratings are very important for Kasmaba and they are justifiably proud that the advisors on Kasamba have been given 5-star ratings by their customers on more than 3 million readings. It’s extremely easy to check out ratings and reviews; they are listed in a sidebar on every psychic’s profile. Profile comprehensiveness: You can glean a lot about each psychic through their profiles, including the areas they specialize in. Most profiles allow you to read – in their own words – about the psychic’s services, special experiences and qualifications, and anything else they wish to share with you. Website Navigation Overall appearance: There is nothing complicated or slick about Kasamba’s website. It clearly states its proposition: 147 of the top online psychic readers are available for you. You can quickly view a sampling of some of the psychic advisors and easily check out how the process works, how to register, and how to start finding your way to love and happiness. Search filters: Although Kasamba’s filters aren’t overly sophisticated, they still easily do the trick in helping you drill down to find the right Advisor for you by category or price. You can choose from a wide range of categories, including love and relationships, tarot readings, dream analysis, astrology readings, paranormal and occult, career forecasts and many more. Scope of features: Kasamba has one key goal: helping connect psychic seekers with the right spiritual consultant – psychics, fortune tellers, astrologers, Tarot card readers and more. This is not the place to go to check out daily horoscopes or read in-depth articles about the psychic process. Customer access and support Reading methods available: Kasamba has cornered the chat platform niche, hands down. (Some of their psychics offer a phone option, but not many). Thanks to Kasamba’s Presto Chat interface, text appears as soon as you type, so you can quickly receive the guidance you’re requesting. One really neat feature: your online psychic chat transcript is saved so if you can’t remember all the psychic’s words of wisdom, you can review the log at any time. Unique features: The fact that readings take place through an instant messenger-like interface is certainly the most unique feature Kasamba offers. Another is the fame of many of its psychics; for instance, David James (with more than 30,000 reviews) and Mystic Sandra. Several have appeared on TV and radio shows and quite a few psychics are exclusive to Kasamba and do not give readings elsewhere. Guarantees and sweet deals No-Risk Guarantee: Kasamba’s guarantee is listed under the Service Center tab, not the most intuitive place for it. It states that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your reading, you may request a refund. You must fill in an online form within 72 hours of your reading, listing the advisor’s name, date of reading and session fee. Pricing packages: Kasamba lets you control how you want to pay with a variety of simple options. You can “bank” a fixed amount into your Kasamba account so it’s there waiting for you, pay via credit card after your session is complete, or use PayPal to conveniently pay online. Readings from the more well-known psychics can be pricey. Special introductory offers: Kasamba is competitive when it comes to sweet deals: new Kasamba customers will get the first 3 minutes of their reading free plus 50% off your first psychic reading session.