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  1. ➡ ʙᴀɴɢʟᴀᴅᴇsʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ᴄʜɪɴᴇsᴇ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ɪɴᴅɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ɪᴛᴀʟɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ғʀᴇɴᴄʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ɢᴇʀᴍᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ʜᴜɴɢᴀʀɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ᴘᴏʟɪsʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ʀᴏᴍᴀɴɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ sᴄᴀɴᴅɪɴᴀᴠɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ sᴘᴀɴɪsʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ᴛᴜʀᴋɪsʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs (Last Updated On: September 19, 2021)
  2. ⊙ Tracker Name: Aither VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: AnimeBytes VPN use allowed. If you would like to use a VPN for browsing get it approved via Staff PM beforehand. Only VPNs with unshared AND static IP will be considered. ⊙ Tracker Name: AvistaZ / CinemaZ / ExoticaZ / PrivateHD VPN use allowed after adding the IP in profile. ⊙ Tracker Name: Backups VPN use allowed. Signing up from VPN is not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: BakaBT VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Bemaniso VPN not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Bit-HDTV VIP usage is allowed, but you must contact staff to register the provider and/or IPs. ⊙ Tracker Name: BitSpyder VPN not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Cathode-Ray Tube VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: CGPeers VPN use allowed with the torrent client, but forum would not load when VPN is on ⊙ Tracker Name: CinemaMovieS_ZT VPN use allowed after adding the IP in profile. ⊙ Tracker Name: Desireleasers VPN use allowed. If you use desireleasers account from more than 3 and or devices/locations, you will get automatically banned. ⊙ Tracker Name: Desitorrents VPN use allowed. Accessing the site from any IP address is permitted, but your account will be linked with other accounts that have accessed the site from the same IP. ⊙ Tracker Name: DicMusic Usage of Paid VPN is allowed, but TOR is not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: DigitalCore VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: FunFile VPN not allowed. The only exception to this, is if you can demonstrate that you run or control the VPN/proxy server you wish to use. ⊙ Tracker Name: GFXPeers VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Great Poster Wall Usage of Paid VPN is allowed, but TOR is not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: HD-Atmos VPN use allowed, but need to inform the staff in the forums. ⊙ Tracker Name: HDArea VPN use allowed, but need to inform the staff in the forums. ⊙ Tracker Name: HQMusic VPN use allowed. Only Private VPNs with a dedicated IP are permitted. When in doubt, send a Staff PM. ⊙ Tracker Name: ImmortalSeed VPN use allowed. Only Private VPNs with a dedicated IP are permitted after adding IP in the User CP. ⊙ Tracker Name: IPTorrents VPN use allowed. We ask one thing when using a VPN or proxy, set it to one location and check on it often. ⊙ Tracker Name: iTS VPN use allowed after clearing with the staff through Staff PM. TOR is prohibited. ⊙ Tracker Name: JPTV.club VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: LearnBits VPN not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: LearnFlakes VPN not allowed. Never Login from Public VPN or hosting server, TOR Proxy or any anonymous system. ⊙ Tracker Name: LinkoManija VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Materialize VPN not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: MMA Tracker VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: My Anonamouse VPN use allowed. You will need to inform staff the IP address of the VPN/Proxy, so they can note on your account. ⊙ Tracker Name: Oppaitime VPN is not recommended as the account will be linked with other accounts accessed the site from the same IP. ⊙ Tracker Name: Ourbits VPN use allowed, but need to inform the staff in the forums. ⊙ Tracker Name: P2Pelite / ScenePalace/ TheHorrorCharnel / TwilightsDreams / TwilightsZoom VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: PolishSource VPN not allowed. Logging to your account through a VPN will result in immediate ban. ⊙ Tracker Name: PolishTracker VPN use allowed, but TOR is not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: PTFiles VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: PTHome VPN use allowed, but need to inform the staff in the forums. ⊙ Tracker Name: Speed.CD VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: TeamHD VPN use allowed. New users are allowed to use VPN only after the first 24 hours. ⊙ Tracker Name: Team-OS VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: TheEmpire / TheGeeks / TheOccult / ThePlace / TheShow / TheVault VPN use not allowed. Using a VPN will get your account disabled unless you have Admin permission. ⊙ Tracker Name: TheScenePlace VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: TorrentLeech VPN use allowed. Be aware that your VPN is probably shared by a lot of members on the site. A consequence could be that in some cases your account might be disabled because we believe you are either someone else, sharing your account or doing other iffy stuff. Be aware of that risk before you start using a VPN. ⊙ Tracker Name: TorrentDay VPN use allowed. (Last Updated On: February 23, 2022)
  3. (Last Updated : 25-06-2021) Please comment the details in the plain text format (No Screenshots, please), so it will be easy to add to the list. Tracker Name: 3DTorrents Tracker Name: ABtorrents Tracker Name: AlphaRatio Tracker Name: Aither Tracker Name: Anasch.cc Tracker Name: AnimeBytes Tracker Name: Anthelion Tracker Name: Aussierul.es Tracker Name: AvistaZ Tracker Name: Back-ups Tracker Name: BaconBits Tracker Name: Bemaniso Tracker Name: BitHDTV Tracker Name: Blutopia Tracker Name: Brasil Tracker Tracker Name: BWTorrent Tracker Name: CinemaGeddon Tracker Name: CinemaTik Tracker Name: CinemaZ Tracker Name: CrazyHd Tracker Name: DigitalCore Tracker Name: Emporium Tracker Name: eStone Tracker Name: Exitorrent Tracker Name: Extreme Bits Tracker Name: FileList Tracker Name: FluxZone Tracker Name: Funky Torrents Tracker Name: HD-Atmos Tracker Name: HDBits Tracker Name: HDMonkey Tracker Name: HD-Olympus Tracker Name: HD-Space Tracker Name: HDZone Tracker Name: LinkoManija Tracker Name: IPTorrents Tracker Name: M-Team Tracker Name: MyAnonamouse Tracker Name: nCore Tracker Name: Nebulance Tracker Name: NorBits Tracker Name: Oppaitime Tracker Name: Orpheus Tracker Name: PterClub Tracker Name: PTN Tracker Name: PTP Tracker Name: PixelCove Tracker Name: PolishSource Tracker Name: Polish Tracker Tracker Name: Pretome Tracker Name: PrivateHD Tracker Name: PTFiles Tracker Name: Resurrectthe.net Tracker Name: SecretCinema Tracker Name: SpeedApp Tracker Name: Speed.cd Tracker Name: Sportscult Tracker Name: TeamHD Tracker Name: TheShinning Tracker Name: TLZ (The Leach Zone) Tracker Name: TorrentDay Tracker Name: TorrentLeech Tracker Name: TorrentSeed Tracker Name: TV-Vault xThor Thanks for your support @Achelous & @kardashian09.
  4. ➥ Tracker Name: 420Project We've zero'ed everybody's downloaded amounts and no longer track that shit. Only upload amounts are kept from here until forever. But, remember to seed as best you can or we will take your stash. ➥ Tracker Name: BitHUmen Hit & Run history is included in the user profile for informational purposes only. It disappears automatically after 24 hours of seed time. There are no penalties for torrents deleted before the 24 hour deadline. ➥ Tracker Name: BroadcasThe.Net We require that you seed torrents to at least the minimum time requirements for that torrent type (24 hours for individual episodes & 120 hours for the season packs) OR to a ratio of 1:1, within 2 weeks of starting the download. ➥ Tracker Name: Carpathians With each download started, more than 1 byte will record 1 hit & run point. If a torrent you downloaded no more than 28 days ago is deleted for any reason, your hit & run point (if any) will be credited. If, for any reason, the torrent is deleted within 24 hours of uploading, the points entered will be deducted. Redeem points: 1. By redistributing the downloaded quantity 1: 1. 2. With time in Seed: 150MB under 48 hours, 500MB under 15 hours, 1.5GB under 18 hours, 5GB under 21 hours, 5GB over 24 hours 3. Uploading a regular torrent (minimum size 25MB), there is no size limit for uploading a book category! 4. For every 10GB upload, if you have a hit & run point, one will be credited. If not, nothing happens, the score does not go down! ➥ Tracker Name: CGPeers Only Upload is counted in this tracker. ➥ Tracker Name: DataScene If you download a torrent of 1 GB and you will seed it 5 days (120 hours), you will receive a bonus of 1 GB (or the amount of the torrent downloaded). If you will seed 10 days (240 hours) you will get 2 x 1 GB (or 2 times the amount of the torrent downloaded). ➥ Tracker Name: ExigoMusic Exigo is a ratio-free tracker. All torrents are marked free and no download statistics are being counted. That means if you are a new user, you will never have any ratio whatsoever. However, note that not requiring any ratio does not mean good behaviour is not required and expected. If you download from the initial seeder, please stay with them. Hitting and running is definitely frowned upon! Please be considerate, frequent hit-and-rin abusers will be dealt with by the staff (and we don't like banning people, so people avoid it!) ➥ Tracker Name: FunkyTorrents Always Freeleech. ➥ Tracker Name: GigaTorrents The maximum duration of the seed obligation is 2 days! The seed obligation is valid from 1 byte download and works with a percentage system! So if you downloaded 10 Megas from 100 Megas Torrent then your Seed Time is 10%! You have 4 weeks to meet your Seed obligation. So 48 hours of seed time must be achieved in 4 weeks! Seed obligation measurement is only valid for active torrents! So the client has to go otherwise it remains a seed-bound torrent! Once downloaded, you must seed your torrent for 1 hour! All users can access the list of torrents under the seed obligation by clicking [Seed obligation] next to [logout] in the status bar. Violation of these rules will result in a warning or loss of download rights. ➥ Tracker Name: iNSANE For each torrent , a redistribution ratio of 1 OR 24 hours of seed time OR a proportional combination of these (eg 0.5 redistribution ratio with 12 hours seed time, or 0.33 redistribution rate with 16 hours seed time, etc.) is the expectation. There are 2 weeks from the download to complete! ➥ Tracker Name: inTheShadow Always try to give back what you took. Seed every torrent to at least 72 hours (no need to be contiguous). Hit & Runners will not be tolerated. ➥ Tracker Name: Libble Never Hit & Run. Seed as long as you can. Downloaded torrents need to be seeded for 72 hours after the download is finished within 1 week. ➥ Tracker Name: Majomparade The torrent can be removed from your list ahead of time in two ways: (1) You redeem for bonus points. (2) You redistribute the torrent to a ratio of 1, or you complete the 48 hour seed time. The two values trigger each other proportionally, so if you upload a torrent to 0.5, the remaining seed time will decrease proportionally. ➥ Tracker Name: Milkie SITE-WIDE FREELEECH! No hit'n'run or ratio requirements as of now. Seeding is still very much appreciated. Download stats will be reset if the rules change. ➥ Tracker Name: Morethan.tv We at MTV have a gentleman's agreement in place, what that means is we do not have any restrictions regarding minimum seedtime, HnR, or ratio, we simply ask that you seed back as long as you possibly can, and not limit your upload speed. To be clear, this is no way an encouragement for bad practices and behavior, it's meant to be taken at face value, as an symbol of trust we the staff have in the community that has formed here. If any time we feel this trust has been misplaced, we will be forced to rethink our agreement, and instant some harsher rules. Staff reserve the right to take action against a user if they feel that user is being particularly abusive to the agreement. ➥ Tracker Name: nCore All torrents of which a minimum of 5% or a minimum of 200 MB has been downloaded (which was previously accessed) are subject to a seed obligation. There are basically two ways to fulfill this obligation: - With the amount of data downloaded ( 1.0 ratio ) - With time spent in Seed (minimum 48 hours depending on torrent size) ➥ Tracker Name: Nebulance Tracker is completely ratio-free. Episodes must be seeded for a minimum of 24 hours (1 Day). Seasons must be seeded for a minimum of 120 hours (5 Days). If you download more than 10% of a torrent but less than 100% you have to seed what you downloaded per Episode/Season rules. ➥ Tracker Name: PirateTheNet Seed back what you download to at least a 1:1 ratio or at least try to. If it's impossible for you to seed to 1:1 ratio, then you must seed according to your user class within 21 days of completing the torrent. Failure to do so will be marked as a hit and run, and will be dealt with, accordingly. ➥ Tracker Name: PiXELHD You must seed each torrent for 72 hours after the torrent is complete, or a 1:1 Ratio (1.0). These requirements are required within 1 Week of starting the torrent in your client. The consequences of Hit and Running are pretty severe. We will not detail the number of HnR's allowed on PiXELHD before a Warning is give. Nor we will rever to the number of torrents before an account is banned for abusing the sharing system. ➥ Tracker Name: PolishSource Downloaded Torrents must be seeded for 48 hours within 14 days. If you receive at least one HNR warning, you will not have access to: buy bonus points, Bookkeaper, BlackJack, adding more positions, sending invitations. If you have 8 HNR warnings you can not download new torrents. If you have 10 HNR warnings, your account will be blocked/banned. How to get rid of a HNR warning? There are ways to do this: - Seed all the positions for 150 hours. - Win in one of the contests where a reward is a HNR removal. - Delete a HNR warning by sending a text message / spending bonus points. - Buy any one of the packages from the shop which include HNR removal. - Buy a Donator class which gives you the power to delete HNR warnings and you will not have to seed any more positions for 30 days plus this class has a few more upgrades. - Join the PS Club. ➥ Tracker Name: PreToMe You must seed back to at least our requirements of 60h total seedtime or a 0.75 ratio on each and every torrent. Accounts with a global ratio of 0.05 and below may be put under review for seeding improvement or disabled. ➥ Tracker Name: Retro Within The download count is paused, and only upload is being counted for the last couple of years. No Hit & Run rules & Partial downloads are allowed. ➥ Tracker Name: Secret Cinema Our ratio requirements are really very simple, None! But we expect you to keep your downloads seeding for sometime or staffers will consider you ONLY a snatcher & delete your account. ➥ Tracker Name: torrentHR The obligatory seed duration is up to 1.0 or 72 hours of sowing within 14 days from the end of the torrent download. ➥ Tracker Name: TVStore After downloading, stay seeded for at least 1-2 hours! Design by: @HOCD1A035 (Last Updated On: October 18, 2021)
  5. # A B C D E F G H I J ᴋ L M N O P R S T ᴜ W X (Last Updated On: December 18, 2021)
  6. BwTorrents BwTorrents | BwT | General | 2021 Detailed Review TRACKER NAME : BwTorrents TRACKER URL : https://bwtorrents.tv/ CATEGORY : General TRACKER TYPE : Ratio Based TRACKER SIGN UP : Open Signup | Invite MAINTAIN RATIO : Easy BONUS : Yes BANNED COUNTRY : None Tracker Description BwTorrents is a Indian tracker and generally focus on the South Indian movies and bollywood . It has all sorts of Desi (Indian) stuff like Movies, Music, TV, StageShows, Sports, Documentaries, E-Books and Magazines. Only autorised users are allowed to upload content to assure the quality. You can apply to become an uploader. All the torrents above 10GB are freeleech so its easy to build and maintain a ratio. They have multiple internal group like Dus_IcTv, Team BWT, TMB as well as internal releasers.You have very good speeds. The staff/members is friendly , I highly recommend this for anyone looking for quality Indian releases. When you join you also get invites so you can invite your friends and family members. The pretimes of BwTorrents are very good for the Indian Tv shows and it is not only limited to Indian Cinema they have vast content from all over Login Page : Home Page : Profile Page : Search Engine: Torrents : Requests : Forums : Bonus Points : User Settings : ChatBox : Polls : Rules : Invite : Donate : FAQ's : Staff : RATING PRETIMES 8.5 / 10 SPEEDS 8 / 10 CONTENT 9 / 10 COMMUNITY 8.5 / 10 OVERALL 8.5 / 10
  7. ◈ Tracker Name: AlphaRatio The IRC Bonus rate increases based on the number of users in the #AlphaRatio channel. IRCBonus is also effected by the SiteWide Bonus Booster, example is when Donations hit 100%. ◈ Tracker Name: BeyondHD A bonus of 1.5 BP/hour will be applied if the Member has a 2FA enabled. ◈ Tracker Name: DigitalCore You can earn points by joining IRC and idle in #digitalcore. For every hour you receive +0.4p. ◈ Tracker Name: FunFile Come to #funfile.org and you will receive 1 cr. for every 15 minutes you spend in the channel. That's 2976 credits per month. ◈ Tracker Name: GazelleGames The IRC Bonus: 4.5 Gold an hour. Two Factor Authentication: 12 Gold per day. ◈ Tracker Name: HDME.eu There is a bonus for being online at IRC, for every hour you are online at IRC (using the same nick as you do on the tracker!) we add 40MB upload to your stats. ◈ Tracker Name: M-Team 10% + Bonus if 2FA is enabled. ◈ Tracker Name: MyAnonamouse You will receive 0.2 points per 10 minutes or 1.2 points per hour for time spent in IRC, provided that you are logged into IRC services. ◈ Tracker Name: PiXELHD 5 bonus points are also awarded for each 15 minutes you are in our IRC channel. ◈ Tracker Name: PolishSource Every hour idle in our IRC channel is 10000 points. Points are reset once a year - New Year's Eve. To anyone without exception. ◈ Tracker Name: PreToMe Members that are in the #PreToMe channel on our IRC server will gain 0.5 cr. per hour for being there. ◈ Tracker Name: PTFiles Idling in IRC Channel = 2 points per hour (Last Updated On: October 18, 2021)
  8. ::.. Homeporntorrents | HPT | Porn | 2021 Review ..:: Tracker Name : Homeporntorrents Tracker URL : http://homeporntorrents.com/ Tracker Genre : Porn Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Open Signup Bonus System : Yes Seed Difficulty : Medium Tracker IRC : None Banned Countries : None -------------- ::.. TRACKER DISCRIPTION ..:: ------------- Homeporntorrents (HPT) is a new XXX tracker dedicated to the art and love of home made porn. No mainstream porn is allowed on the tracker, only true amateur home made porn. The tracker offers credits as an incentive to upload and continue seeding. -------------- ::.. LOGIN ..:: -------------- -------------- ::.. HOME ..:: -------------- -------------- ::.. FEATURE TORRENTS ..:: -------------- -------------- ::.. FORUMS ..:: ------------- -------------- ::.. Rules ..:: -------------- -------------- ::.. MY RATING ..:: -------------- Pre-times : 7 / 10 Speed : 7 / 10 Content : 8 / 10 Community : 6 / 10 Overall : 7 / 10
  9. This is a reminder not to share the .torrent files you download from here, they are unique to your account and sharing them with other people will put your account at risk of being banned.
  10. 'Mindset over physical preparation' for the allrounder as he makes a match-winning 96 File photo: Shakib Al Hasan made a 109-ball 96 in the second ODI There is something maddening about playing against Shakib Al Hasan in a high-pressure game. He gives you nothing. No reactions. No window into his thoughts. No hope. Shakib's stony façade is his first line of defense, and then the rest of him works in calculative movements. His unbeaten 96 against Zimbabwe in the second ODI had all those qualities. There's calmness on the outside, and deep wells of belief in his own ability on the inside. Combining the two, he reads the opposition - a batter, bowler or fielder - better than most around him. Shakib's ability to transfer pressure back onto the opponent is subtle, but effective. For example, whenever he completes one, two or three runs, he always pretends that he could have had more. Fielders end up rushing, panicking, making mistakes. Same for a bowler. Shakib, meanwhile, attacks and then retreats. He attacks and then retreats and then wins. Zimbabwe may have thought that they had the second ODI in the bag when Bangladesh were 173 for 7 in the 39th over, chasing 241 runs. Shakib was unbeaten on 63, and Mohammad Saifuddin was the last recognised batter. Shakib soaked up and deflected so much of the pressure that his batting partner was obligated to support the match-winner. After finishing the chase with a finely cut boundary in the final over, Shakib said he needed to make some mental adjustments ahead of this game. It was a rare peek into a man known for being utterly inscrutable. "I think the mindset is more important than physical preparation at this level," Shakib said. "I think I was thinking too much. I stopped doing it before this game, and a few things helped me get back my focus. I want to hold on to this focus. After playing for so long, I don't have a lot of technical problems. I think if I can win the mental game within myself, I can score runs regularly." Shakib said he had to struggle for runs in the first half of his innings, particularly on a slow pitch and with team-mates falling quickly at the other end. "It was a different wicket. The ball wasn't coming on to the bat, so one had to play shots to get the runs. There had to be a lot of adjustment as a batsman. "I took my time but I wouldn't have done much more as wickets were falling regularly at the other end. Credit goes to Saifuddin for finishing the game with me. Shakib said that his only message to Afif Hossain and Saifuddin was to stick around with him till the end. "Even when I was batting with Afif, all I was telling him was that we batsmen should be around till the 45th over. At that stage, scoring 30 runs in the last two overs becomes possible in this day and age. "We wanted to take the game close. We never talked about needing 60-70 runs, which should be chased quickly. Run-a-ball chasing in ODI cricket is now very much possible," he said.
  11. The first game will be held on July 22, the second on July 23 and the final one on July 25. It is understood that the Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh T20I schedule was changed to address logistical issues The final leg of Bangladesh's tour of Zimbabwe will take place sooner than expected with both boards agreeing to bring the T20I series forward by a few days. The original schedule had the three matches set for July 23, 25 and 27 but that has now been changed so that the first game will be held on July 22, the second on July 23 and the final one on July 25. A press release from Zimbabwe Cricket on Monday said these changes were made to accommodate the challenges that the broadcast production company was facing. Bangladesh have dominated this tour, winning the only Test by 220 runs and are on the verge of blanking Zimbabwe 3-0 in the one-day series that's followed. The visitors might well consider the T20I series to be the most crucial part of the tour given that a World Cup is coming up in October. Bangladesh have these three T20Is against Zimbabwe, then five more against Australia in August, a further five against New Zealand in September and finally three matches against England in October to firm up their plans for the global tournament coming up in three months' time. Zimbabwe may not have such big-picture concerns, having not qualified for this year's T20 World Cup, but they will be eager for some silverware.
  12. Tabraiz Shamsi four-for fashions comfortable South Africa win in maiden T20I against Ireland Kagiso Rabada's 17 runs off the final over dragged his side to 165 Tabraiz Shamsi bagged four wickets in a T20I for the second time this year South Africa dominated Ireland in the first T20I meeting between the two teams despite a performance that would need some polishing with both bat and ball. Their top scorer Aiden Markram made 39 and there were two partnerships in the 30s, but they were reduced to 115 for 5 at one stage and appeared in danger of missing out on a score around 160. Offspinner Simi Singh and left-armer Josh Little were particularly successful in keeping South Africa relatively quiet, but the rest of the attack conceded at least nine runs an over each. However, a strong finish by South Africa's lower order took them to a competitive total. And even if the visitors were not entirely happy with their score, they had reason to be because Ireland did not look like an outfit that could come close in the chase, despite South Africa's inability to eventually bowl them out. The hosts were 38 for 4 after the powerplay, before Tabraiz Shamsi, the top-ranked bowler in the format, had even been introduced. Shamsi took four wickets for the second time in his career - also the second time in 2021 - to become the year's leading wicket-taker in the format so far. He tossed the ball up to bowl Singh, broke through Shane Getkate's defences with a wrong 'un, had Mark Adair caught on the long-off boundary and had Harry Tector stumped, as he came down the track to a googly. George Linde provided good support at the start and in the middle of the innings, but South Africa drifted towards the end with Ireland's last pair putting on 44, their highest of the innings. Openers out? No problem, we have some more Ireland would have been relieved to see the back of Quinton de Kock after he had faced only nine balls. He did some damage when he hit Barry McCarthy over long-on for the first six of the South African innings and Mark Adair for back-to-back boundaries, before mistiming a drive to mid-off to depart in the third over. But South Africa had another opener in reserve. de Kock's ODI partner Janneman Malan was in at No.3 and did not get going at all before he hit Adair to Singh at mid-on. Enter a fourth opening batter in Markram, who outlasted Temba Bavuma after the captain under-edged a reverse-sweep, and also starred in the two highest partnerships of the innings. Markam and Rassie van der Dussen put on 35 for the fourth wicket before Markram and David Miller shared 36 for the fifth, and South Africa had a solid foundation to build on. They seem to have identified Markram as someone who can move around the order, and though it leaves no room for Kyle Verreynne or Heinrich Klaasen, it allows them to play all their openers in the same XI. Kagiso Rabada hit 17 off the final over, including four boundaries Rabada, the batter South Africa's coach Mark Boucher has repeatedly said he believes Kagiso Rabada is selling himself short when it comes to his batting, and Rabada seems to have taken the thought seriously. He showed his potential and his finishing skills by giving South Africa the most profitable over of the innings, which also happened to be the last one. Rabada had faced just three balls and scored two singles before Adair delivered the final six balls, but had seen enough to know what he needed to do. He dispatched a low full-toss through the covers for four, then cleared the front leg to send a full ball through midwicket, after which he drove Adair down the ground and finally pulled a slow ball to deep square leg for a quartet of fours. Doubtless Rabada had a full house of boundaries on his mind, but he was beaten by lack of pace as he tried to heave the fifth one away and finished with a single. He scored 17 off the last over, and was unbeaten on 19 off nine balls to stake a claim for a spot higher in the order. No score for O'Brien Things are not getting any easier for Ireland's headline batter. Kevin O'Brien has played six international matches this year and has managed just 27 runs, and followed up his no score against Netherlands last month - in what turned out to be his final ODI - with a duck again today. He was rooted to the crease when he chipped the first legal delivery he faced back to Rabada for a simple catch. O'Brien's dismissal was South Africa's second wicket in seven balls after Paul Stirling was bowled by Linde the ball after hitting the first delivery of the innings for six. At that stage, Ireland were 7 for 2 with both openers gone. Drop, drop, catch South Africa's fielding standards have not been at their highest on this trip. They dropped four catches in the second ODI to lose to Ireland for the first time, and two again in the powerplay today, though they were of little consequence. First de Kock made significant ground to try and pouch the top edge off Tector's attempted scoop off the penultimate ball of Lizaad Williams' first over, but the chance popped out of his hands as his elbows hit the floor. The batters had crossed and Williams had a chance to dismiss Andy Balbirnie with his next ball when the Irish captain smacked the ball to Malan at backward point. Malan dived full stretch to his right but could not hold on. Balbirnie didn't last much longer, though. After Lungi Ngidi removed George Dockrell with the first ball of his first over, he had Balbirnie caught behind with the first ball of his second. Thus, Williams was the only bowler to go wicketless.
  13. Jos Buttler, Moeen Ali star as spinners help England to series-levelling win Stand-in captain leads way with bat before Moeen, Rashid and Parkinson share five wickets Jos Buttler acknowledges his half-century England's spinners combined to secure a series-levelling victory in the second T20I of the series against Pakistan in Leeds. Adil Rashid, Matt Parkinson and Moeen Ali claimed five wickets for 87 runs in their 11 overs combined as England defended a total of 200 to secure a 45-run win. It means the series will be decided in the third and final game to be played at Emirates Old Trafford on Tuesday. For much of the afternoon, this was a pitch that looked full of runs. Certainly seamers gained little joy from it, with England's total of 200 appearing little better than par when Pakistan's openers started their chase by plundering 43 from their first five overs. But England's spinners gained a surprising amount of assistance from the surface. Sohaib Maqsood and Azam Khan were both stumped off Rashid and Parkinson respectively, while Fakhar Zaman was bowled by a beauty from Moeen, which gripped, turned and took his off stump. With Mohammad Rizwan hitting a full toss back at Rashid and Mohammad Hafeez mishitting to the leg-side boundary, Pakistan lost 5 for 34 in six overs in the middle of their innings, which effectively defined the game. On a surface on which seamers experienced little other than heartache - Chris Jordan bowled only one over in the Pakistan innings - it was a performance that showed the depth and versatility of England's bowling attack and will, perhaps, provide some encouragement ahead of the T20 World Cup on the slow, dry wickets of the UAE Earlier, a high-quality half-century from Jos Buttler helped England to a competitive total of 200 on another decent batting track. Buttler had not played a game since sustaining a calf injury during the victory over Sri Lanka in Cardiff almost a month ago, but you would never have known it to watch him. Timing the ball beautifully, Buttler produced a series of conventional - if unusually sweetly hit - strokes off front and back foot, as well as scooping Mohammad Hasnain for a six over fine leg. Although nobody went on to make an especially large individual score, Player of the Match Moeen Ali's 36 from 16 balls followed by Liam Livingstone's 38 from 23 ensured the innings retained momentum and England ended the 14th over with 150 on the board. While the innings fell away a little from that point - England subsided from 137-3 to 200 all-out, managing only 10 from the final two overs of their innings - it proved more than enough as Pakistan's batters struggled against the spin. What next for Morgan? As a key character in the revolution that took England from world chumps to World Champs, Eoin Morgan's reputation is assured. He remains a figure of huge authority within the England set-up, too, and will probably remain once after his playing days are over. But his decision to leave himself out for this match was intriguing. While he had indicated ahead of the first game of this series that England intended to use it to take a look at different combinations and options, the fact is he has reached 30 only twice in his 17 most-recent international innings. And in his last 15 T20Is, he is averaging 12.10 at a strike-rate of 124.74. None of this means his place in the side is in immediate doubt. Batting in the middle order is notoriously tough in T20 cricket and England have very few contenders for the spot. Morgan has a vast amount of credit in the bank. But, given the competition for places among England batters - the likes of Alex Hales, Joe Root and Tom Banton are among those currently unable to break into the side and Ben is Stokes currently out as he continues his rehabilitation from a finger injury - and Jos Buttler's presence a natural replacement as captain, that is a run of form that is bound to start raising concerns. Moeen Ali played an aggressive cameo Imad's contribution At first glance, Imad Wasim's figures of 2 for 37 don't look especially pretty. He conceded almost 10 an over, after all, and was struck for three sixes. At one stage in his first over, he had bowled only three legitimate deliveries and already conceded 11 runs; he could have been forgiven for thinking he was in for a rough afternoon. But he also claimed two important wickets. And, despite bowling two overs in the Powerplay, delivered 11 dot balls. Nobody in the game bowled more. On another flat surface with relatively short boundaries, it was an impressive contribution and, on another day, those early wickets of Jason Roy and Dawid Malan could have proved decisive. Tailing off One of the characteristics of England's limited-overs cricket in recent years has been their commitment to the positive approach. This has routinely seen the lower-middle order continue to attack even if the top order have been blown away with batters as good as Adil Rashid (who has 10 first-class centuries) sometimes coming in as low as No. 11. Might that be changing a little? While there is no obvious alteration in England's approach - they continue to attack all the way down the order - there are, perhaps, one or two questions about the depth of their batting. In this side, for example, Tom Curran came in at No. 7 (he had only batted as high in one previous T20I) and Rashid came in at No. 9. It meant the top order didn't have quite the same safety net as before and might, in time, result in them playing slightly more careful cricket. This was not England's first choice side, of course. The likes of Sam Curran and Chris Woakes might well come into the side ahead of the T20 World Cup. But the fact that they were bowled out in successive matches for the first time in their T20I history - albeit having made 200 on each occasion - was a reminder, perhaps, about the value of such batting depth. Eyes on Livingstone So vital a player has Liam Livingstone suddenly become in this side, that even his dismissals are entertaining. Having just hit a vast six - the ball disappeared over the top of the new stand which borders the rugby ground; as big a hit as most have seen - he was run out when an attempted scoop somehow found its way to square leg. And while Haris Rauf had knocked off one bail with his elbow before completing the run-out, the other one remained in place to ensure the stumps could still be broken. The groan that went round the ground suggested that Livingstone has quickly become something of a crowd favourite - a remarkable thing for a Lancashire man in Leeds.
  14. Dhawan, Kishan, Shaw lead Sri Lanka rout after Kuldeep, Chahal shine India galloped to a seven-wicket win in the first ODI in Colombo with 80 balls to spare Prithvi Shaw played gloriously through the offside, debutant Ishan Kishan lit up the stadium with a thumping fifty on his birthday, and Shikhar Dhawan saw the chase through from start to finish, as India's second string served Sri Lanka a walloping first up. Chasing the hosts' half-decent (but far from daunting) 262 for 9, India galloped home with 80 balls and seven wickets remaining. Long passages in their innings were more a celebration of their batting depth and fearlessness than a serious contest; Sri Lanka's bowlers were unable to contain them no matter which field or angle of attack they employed. Sri Lanka's batters, in contrast, had been constricted by the spin of Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, and Krunal Pandya, who took grip of the middle overs and struck frequently to prevent any partnerships from prospering for long. Chahal and Kuldeep took two wickets apiece - their early strikes instrumental in reducing Sri Lanka to 89 for 3, before Krunal's miserly left-arm spin kept the run rate in check. Sri Lanka's batters occasionally found the boundary through this period, but were largely unable to keep the runs flowing in between the big shots - a reflection of their own limitations, as well as the quality of the bowling. Six batters got themselves past 20, but only Chamika Karunaratne breached 40, with his late explosion. As a team, they played out 159 dot balls. Although Kishan would hit a half-century and Dhawan top-scored with 86 not out off 95, it was Shaw's innings that was the most manic of the evening, setting the tone for India's thundering victory. He punched Dushmantha Chameera through the offside twice in the first over with sublime timing to get India moving rapidly, then hit majestic boundaries off Isuru Udana at the other end. He hit three successive fours in the arc between point and cover in the fourth over, each one seemingly more glorious than the last. When Shaw got out for 43 off 24, Kishan ensured India's scoring rate - which was over 10 at the time - would not slow down. Facing his first ball in ODI cricket, he ran down the track at Dhananjaya de Silva and launched him over his head for six, then creamed the next ball through cover point for four. In de Silva's next over, he pummelled three successive boundaries. Later in his innings, after the powerplay had ended, Charith Asalanka's offspin would be punished as well. It was with a one-bounce four off Asalanka that Kishan reached his fifty, off the 33rd ball he faced. He would eventually be out for 59 off 42, edging Lakshan Sandakan behind. Prithvi Shaw was named Player of the Match Dhawan's innings was stately in comparison. When India reached 50 in the fifth over, he was on seven. When they went past 100 in the 13th over, he was on 16. In fact, Dhawan hit only one boundary off his first 57 balls, choosing instead to turn the strike over, and look for safe runs into the outfield. It was only in the company of Manish Pandey, who made a sedate start relatively speaking, that Dhawan took it upon himself to begin looking for boundaries. When he hit the winning run in the 37th over, he had six fours and a six to his name. Earlier, Sri Lanka had made a decent start, getting to 49 for no loss after nine overs, before Avishka Fernando spooned Chahal's very first ball to short cover, and Sri Lanka's problems began. Batters made confident starts, but rotated the strike poorly, and were out looking for boundaries on what they knew was a good pitch to bat, and on which they would need a score of close to 300 to seriously challenge India. After Chahal provided the initial brekathrough, Yadav claimed the next two wickets - debutant Bhanuka Rajapaksa edging him high into the infield as he attempted to slog against the turn, before Minod Bhanuka, who had compiled a patient 27, edged to slip. Krunal's only wicket was an important one - that of de Silva, who holed out to long-off. Partly because of their frequent loss of wickets, Sri Lanka were poorly placed for the slog overs. They lost two wickets in quick succession as they approached the 40th over, and would soon lose Dasun Shanaka as well, after he made 39 off 50 in his first innings as captain. His dismissal would leave them 205 for 7 in the 44th over. No. 8 Karunaratne, though, worked himself gradually into the innings alongside Isuru Udana, with whom he shared a boundary-less 17-run stand, before exploding in the company of No. 10 Dushmantha Chameera, in the last two overs. Chameera struck a four and six off successive Hardik Pandya deliveries in the penultimate over, before Karunaratne hit two sixes - including a helicopter shot over deep midwicket - and a four off Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the 50th. Sri Lanka reaped 32 runs off the last 12 balls. Once India got going, that final fillip seemed a lot less impressive.
  15. Shakib Al Hasan's 96*, Shoriful Islam's four-for give Bangladesh the series in tight finish A 69-run unbeaten stand between Shakib and Saifuddin saw Bangladesh through in a three-wicket win File photo: Shoriful Islam's four-for restricted Zimbabwe to 240 Shakib Al Hasan put on a masterclass with his unbeaten 96 in a nervy chase against Zimbabwe, that ended up with a three-wicket win for Bangladesh in Harare. It clinched the series for the visitors in a contest that was closer than it looked on TV due to the lack of fans at the Harare Sports Club. Shakib endured two batting collapses at the other end but kept his nerve during the 69-run unbroken eighth-wicket stand with Mohammad Saifuddin. They got together with the score on 173 for 7 in the 39th over, focusing only on risk-free ones and twos, and the odd three. The home side were on the other end of the nerves scale: substitute Milton Shumba missed an easy run-out chance with Saifuddin stranded at the non-striker's end, while Regis Chakabva and Richard Ngarava dropped difficult catches. Bangladesh only scored three boundaries in the last 19 overs of their innings, but it was enough to turn the game on its head. Their effort neutralised all the good work done by Wessley Madhevere and Sikandar Raza, who put on a superb all-round show. Both took a wicket each in their tight spells, having already taken superb catches at point, and rescued their side with a 63-run sixth-wicket stand. This was only Shakib's second fifty this year, but it came just a day after he had taken a five-wicket haul in Bangladesh's 155-run win in the first ODI of the series. Saifuddin too proved his worth as a lower-order batter, not with his big hits, but by keeping his head in Bangladesh's first win in a chase since the 2019 World Cup. They got off to a boundary-heavy start, as captain Tamim Iqbal and Liton Das struck four boundaries each during their 39-run opening stand. Luke Jongwe ended the partnership by getting Iqbal to cut the ball, only for Raza to take a superb catch at backward point. The visitors slipped to 74 for 4 in the next eight overs when Richard Ngarava got one to hurry on Das who popped a catch to mid-on. Jongwe struck again when Mohammad Mithun cut one to point where Madhevere dived to his left to take the catch. Mosaddek Hossain was the fourth wicket - the most unnecessary one of the lot - when he tried to sneak a bye after Shakib left a Ngarava wide. Wicketkeeper Regis Chakabva struck with his underarm roll, as Bangladesh fell into further trouble. But as has happened quite regularly this year, Mahmudullah came to the rescue after four wickets were down cheaply. This time too, he added 55 runs for the fifth wicket with Shakib, having struck three fours in his 26. But Blessing Muzarabani got him caught behind off the first ball of his second spell, before Mehidy Hasan Miraz, curiously given a promotion above Afif Hossain, fell to a half-hearted slog-sweep against Madhevere. Afif himself got stumped off Raza, a point from which it seemed Bangladesh wouldn't turn the tide, but Saifuddin and Shakib had other plans in their mind. Earlier, Zimbabwe's batters couldn't convert their starts after captain Brendan Taylor said at the toss that he decided to bat first to put less pressure on his young batters. Madhevere's 56, and his stand with Raza - the latter making a comeback after a shoulder surgery - lifted them to the 200-plus score. But it was Taylor's dismissal in the 25th over that gave Bangladesh the edge. Zimbabwe did bat the full quota of 50 overs, but it was clear that Madhevere, Dion Myers and Raza had to be mindful of keeping wickets intact. Madhevere struck five fours and a six in his 56 off 63 balls. Taylor made 46 while Chakabva, Myers and Raza got out in the thirties, and quite predictably, there was very little contribution from their bottom four batters. Once again, Zimbabwe couldn't quite take advantage of being in good positions in the match, and Bangladesh showed their experience despite getting into difficult positions themselves.
  16. Nintendo might be sitting on a Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster for the Switch and waiting for its release. The three-game compilation was first developed for the Wii in 2009, and rumors that the company might bring Metroid Prime Trilogy to the Switch have circulated since 2019. Metroid Prime Trilogy features three Metroid titles compiled onto a single disk - Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The first two installments were originally GameCube games while the third was a Wii game, so Metroid Prime Trilogy developers redesigned the first two iterations to feature the Wii remote control scheme introduced in Corruption. The final result was a critical success, in large part due to the game's motion mechanics. But the years-long delay of Metroid Prime 4, among other factors, might be keeping a Switch port for Metroid Prime Trilogy off shelves. According to Video Games Chronicle, gaming journalist Jeff Grubb claimed Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch is finished - but Nintendo is deliberately holding off on its announcement and release. He went on to explain that the company is withholding the game and further information from the public due to a few key factors, with the biggest being the restrictions in Nintendo's quality assurance testing resources brought on by the pandemic. He said, "I think Nintendo was focusing its quality assurance resources on one or two big projects at a time, and that meant that some games that were basically finished were sitting on the side." Grubb also theorized that Metroid Prime Trilogy would likely accompany the arrival of Metroid Prime 4 as a marketing tactic, but it is unclear when Metroid Prime 4 will be released after Nintendo scrapped its progress and restarted its development in 2019. As recently as this past May, though, former Metroid developer Michael Wikan took to Facebook to explain why a Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch port would never happen. He said the process to transfer Metroid Prime 3's mechanics to the Switch would be a "herculean effort" because the Switch's regular controls lack compatibility with the Wii's remote pointer controls - even with the motion controls of the Joy-Cons. He also explained that his former studio, Retro Studios, “no longer has functional editor tools to work with the Prime code base, so everything has to be ‘brute force’ hard coded.” Despite the consistent Metroid Prime Trilogy rumors and the definitive nature of Grubb's comments, it is hard to be sure that fans will see a future Switch port for the game until Nintendo officially announces its plans for its release. Speculation never hurt anyone, though, and fans can at least feel confident that a future installment of the Metroid Prime series is on its way. Until then, Metroid fans can look forward to October's release of Metroid Dread.
  17. An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan spent hours faithfully recreating The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's bridge to Windhelm, using New Horizon's customization feature, which allows for unique in-game builds. With more updates and design features rolling out since its launch in Spring 2020, New Horizon players continue to find creative ways to achieve their island design goals. The Nintendo Switch's Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to customize, restructure and decorate a previously uninhabited island. The options for personalization extend beyond how players choose where to plant fruit trees or how to furnish their house. Using terraforming to tweak the terrain and waterways of the island, codes for custom-made patterning, and more, New Horizons players can make their islands adhere to any theme they desire — that is, if they're willing to put in the effort. This depiction of Windhelm Bridge joins other recent fan-made island designs that emulate other games, such as Pokémon gyms or the land of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. One New Horizons player recently set out to recreate the Windhelm bridge from Skyrim. To recreate this setting from Skyrim, which has a drastically darker tone than the sun-filled islands of New Horizons, Redditor JediElfQueen had their work cut out for them. While the user admitted that it took a couple hours to finish the in-game build, they said, "It was so fun to build I didn't even notice." Other redditors commented that JediElfQueen's Windhelm Bridge brought their two favorite game franchises together, and expressed their awe of the close attention to detail. To completely transform an island to fit a specific image in mind, Animal Crossing players will go to great lengths, even changing the seasons if weather is a notable characteristic of the final design. It looks like this user might have done this, seeing as the rendition of the bridge to Windhelm is covered in snow - which doesn't occur in Animal Crossing until winter months, unless players manually change the time and date in their Switch console settings. While the customization feature of New Horizons keeps players occupied, many are eager to see what Nintendo has in store for the game's future updates. This past June, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser announced that Animal Crossing will have new content on the way, but fans are still confused by the lack of follow-ups around one of Nintendo's best-selling games. Some are looking for new features, while others hope Nintendo will enhance those that already exist. A few months ago, there were rumors that a future update could introduce an island expansion, which would be one of the most drastic updates the game has yet seen. However, these rumors still remain unconfirmed. An island expansion could allow players to make even more impressive builds. With a larger island to work with, this player could recreate Skyrim's bridge to Windhelm and have the space lead to the actual city of Windhelm. Even with the parameters they have right now, they haven't revealed any plans to do the entire city. However, they did encourage a fellow redditor to pursue their own goal of recreating all of Windhelm on New Horizons. Whether this bridge is the final draft of this user's Skyrim-inspired island or not, it looks like the Internet could see other players busily modeling their islands after Skyrim while they wait for more Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates.
  18. A crafty Call of Duty: Warzone player has discovered that Sentry Guns can be placed on trucks and even helicopters via a little trick. First launched in March 2020, Activision’s free-to-play battle royale continues to receive consistent updates thanks to its popularity, hitting a record of over 100 million players in April this year. Call of Duty: Warzone recently received its Season 4 Reloaded midseason update, which brought with it an array of new content, including a new operator, Grigori Weaver from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Warzone’s Season 4 has been considered lackluster in comparison to its previous seasons, which saw major changes to the game including a nuke event that brought a thematic change to its Verdansk map, taking it back in time to 1984. Raven Software has decided to place its focus on balancing gameplay this season, bringing the game’s biggest weapon changes since launch with the Reloaded update. Crafty Warzone players have already begun to figure out ways to better utilize Season 4 Reloaded’s newest additions, by placing the Sentry Turret killstreak on cargo trucks and even helicopters. Reddit user Billyooo showed off a video of the Sentry Gun truck in action, driving in reverse so the automated turret would be the first to meet any unlucky foe. Although a very strong killstreak, the disadvantage of the automated turret is that it is immobile, making it easy for enemies to neutralize it from a distance — until now. Deploying the turret onto a vehicle requires a little trickery, however, and only works if it is placed on top of an armor or ammo box. While this combination may seem incredibly powerful, having mobilized a previously immobile automated turret, the cargo truck must be driven around slowly, as the turret’s AI struggles to fire at targets if the vehicle moves too fast. Players testing out this trick with Warzone’s new Sentry Turret killstreak have found that it can also be placed on helicopters, but comes with the deadly risk of the chopper exploding should they fly too high while the turret is mounted on top. It remains to be seen whether this trick will last, as despite mounting the turret on a vehicle makes the previously immobile killstreak more useful, the developers clearly never meant for it to be used in such a way. Raven Software has previously nerfed the spawn rates of the cargo truck when it became the meta, thus it would be unsurprising if the studio chooses to do so again should the mounted Sentry Turret prove too overpowered.
  19. Developer Mediatonic has officially revealed more on season five of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, confirming new gameplay modes and its release date. Fall Guys made a splash when it was released in summer 2020, offering multiplayer madness in a battle royale party game. The game supports up to 60 players who must put their skills to the test in a series of wacky levels, with one champion left standing. Players have been enjoying seasonal content updates and Fall Guys crossover skins with other popular games since launch. Fall Guys season five's exclusive reveal video highlights some of the things players will have to look forward to, including 50 tiers to complete, seven unlockable jungle and explorer-themed costumes, 22 crowns to win, and more. Meanwhile, new obstacle courses will provide players with new ways to interact with levels, such as Treetop Tumble, which includes separate routes for more strategic play. The level features many different obstacles, including water, frogs, balance beams, and slime slides. The video also showed off another level, Lily Leapers, which is a fully themed level where players musty bounce across a series of lily pads to reach the goal. Fall Guys fans won't have long to wait to experience the new offerings, as Fall Guys season five begins tomorrow, July 20. Fall Guys season five will be available on all platforms the game is currently available on, but the game is coming to new consoles in the future. Fall Guys' Nintendo Switch and Xbox releases have been delayed after initially expected to launch sometime this summer. While Mediatonic has yet to confirm their release date, it's hoped they'll be available before the year is out.
  20. Responding to online rumors, Nintendo denies that another Switch model is in the works, as well as claims that the recently unveiled Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) will have an increased profit margin over the base version. The long-running console and game company surprised many a few weeks ago with its out-of-the-blue announcement of a brand-new Switch unit that features a larger OLED screen, an improved kickstand, and an ethernet port-equipped dock. The Nintendo Switch OLED is a far cry from the fabled 4K Switch Pro update that has been speculated on for the past year or so. While Nintendo itself has denied that such an upgrade exists, players have wondered aloud what already visually impressive titles like The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Animal Crossing: New Horizons would look like in higher fidelity. Additionally, industry insiders speculate that Nintendo is indeed planning a Switch Pro in the future and that the OLED model is merely a stopgap brought on by the recent chip shortage caused by COVID-19. Now, Nintendo is putting these rumors to rest in a pair of tweets that address rumors that another Switch model is currently being planned, as well as a previous news report that claimed that the Nintendo Switch Pro would see an increased profit margin. The second post also reiterated that the Nintendo Switch OLED is set to launch in October. Indeed, preorders for the Nintendo Switch OLED have already gone online, with GameStop even offering a hefty discount for players who want to trade in their old Switch. The Switch OLED’s console dock will also be sold separately for those who wish to replace their current one without upgrading the console itself. In less pleasant news, the OLED console revision's Joy-Con controllers will still be at risk for the drifting issue that has plagued the Switch as far back as 2019, much to the dismay of those hoping that Nintendo would address this problem in the wake of the class-action lawsuits that have been filed over it. While some players will be disappointed that Nintendo says it's not planning to release a "Pro" upgrade for the Switch anytime soon (especially since even a Nintendo employee admitted there's no reason to upgrade to the Switch OLED if current Switch owners don’t care about the new screen), it seems that the many rumors regarding the hypothetical Switch Pro have been put to bed, at least for the time being. Nintendo did leave the door open to future speculation when saying it has no new Switch model plans "at this time," however.
  21. Rumors that the profit margin for the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) would increase have been shut down by Nintendo, which claimed to investors and customers that it was not the case. Nintendo denied the July 15 news report, which asserted that the profit margin of the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) would increase compared to the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese gaming giant also clarified that though the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) will launch in October 2021, there are no plans for launching an additional, more advanced model, at this time. A rumor made the rounds last week, claiming that the Nintendo Switch OLED reuses old Joy-Cons and other hardware to keep manufacturing costs relatively low. It was believed that the new console only cost Nintendo $10 more to produce, despite a $50 price hike compared to the original Nintendo Switch console. This led customers to believe that Nintendo would be increasing its profit immensely, raking in a notable profit of around $40 per Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) unit. The report used a variety of figures, claiming that the new OLED screen costs between $3-5 per until and the new 64GB storage costs about $3.50 per unit to manufacture. With rumors that costs were low but prices were high, Nintendo fans were not happy. Responding to the Bloomberg report and industry research from DSCC’s Yoshio Tamura, Nintendo tweeted that the claims were false and that the Nintendo Switch OLED did not have a considerable profit margin compared to the original Nintendo Switch. In the tweet, posted early Monday, Nintendo asserted that “to ensure correct understanding among our investors and customers, we want to make clear that the claim is incorrect.” The tweet, however, didn’t confirm what the price and profit comparison was between the newer model and the original Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s response comes just in time, especially as fan frustration is running high. The claims that Nintendo would be making increased profits for minimal costs with the Switch (OLED Model) arrived during the perfect storm of fan disappointment, especially since the newer model doesn’t live up to the Nintendo Switch Pro expectations. With rumors claiming that Nintendo intends to maximize profits without giving fans increased power or major performance improvements, it was going to be a hard sell for most gamers. After the alleged profit margin report was released, many fans were ready to boycott the Nintendo Switch OLED, believing Nintendo was ready to pull one over on them. It’s still unclear how big the profit margin for the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is, especially given the clear lack of major improvements between the newest version and Nintendo’s 4-year-old console. It’s likely that the Nintendo Switch OLED still has a larger profit margin than the Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo won’t be receiving the drastic $40 that was asserted in the original rumor if Nintendo’s claim is believed. Fans will have to make their own decision regarding the expensive upgrade, despite Nintendo not providing ample reason for Nintendo Switch owners to switch to the OLED model.
  22. One creative Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has found a way to turn their island's residents into game pieces on their very own Monopoly board. With a combination of custom designs and pipes from Animal Crossing's crossover event with Super Mario, the board game comes to life in-game. This is yet another installment in the growing list of creative builds from players, but it is undoubtedly one of the most unique. Animal Crossing's community has gained a reputation for its creativity. Players have created and shared countless unique designs to cover their island's grounds or cover their villager's bodies. Plenty of islands have been modeled after places that are well known in history or in popular culture. It's not uncommon to see a proud player showing off their island that looks like Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda or Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Recently, one Animal Crossing player was able to recreate the iconic scene from Finding Nemo using item stands holding the fish. Redditor Mimbaplayer shared their design of an Animal Crossing island decorated with custom floor designs that recreated the spaces on a Monopoly board. The spaces are actually modeled off the Animal Crossing version of Monopoly, featuring spaces such as "Dodo Airlines," "Nook's Cranny," and features the collectibles such as fossils, fruit, and bugs. While the spaces are not arranged in the typical square arrangement of a Monopoly board, players can still progress through spaces as if they're going around the board, using the Mario pipes at the end to get back around the board. This is not the first time that Animal Crossing and Monopoly have crossed over. Of course, there is an official Animal Crossing version of Monopoly, but fans have created their own, custom Monopoly boards in the past. In one custom Monopoly board replacing the Monopoly locations with Animal Crossing villagers. This stands in sharp contrast to Mimbaplayer, who replaced the locations with collectibles. The custom Monopoly board, however, has a few interesting puns and substitutions, such as replacing the "Jail" space with Redd's boat. Of course, Redd's boat isn't an actual jail, but it is one of the darkest, gloomiest areas on an Animal Crossing island. Even though Mimbaplayer's Monopoly board doesn't have the same amount of clever replacements, it still gets points for its inventiveness. As Mimbaplayer said in their post, this is a fully usable board where Mimbaplayer and friends can act as Monopoly pieces. The use of the Mario pipes is also quite clever and the board includes Monopoly staple spaces like "Chance," "GO," "Jail," and the utilities. It's certainly another impressive display of how incredibly creative and talented Animal Crossing players are.
  23. The Skate 4 development team has officially confirmed the title will not be appearing in the upcoming EA Play Live 2021, but it teases that "a little something" will be shown off today, July 19. What exactly this "little something" could entail has led to a great deal of hype and speculation in a very short amount of time. A new Skate title was initially announced during 2020's EA Play Live event. The last entry in the series, Skate 3, had been released a decade prior, so the announcement was met with excitement from the gaming community, as a . In January 2021, Full Circle Studio was founded by EA with the purpose of working exclusively on the new Skate game. This has been the only additional news since the reveal, leaving many to wonder how the game has come along since announcement. A new post on the official Skate Twitter account reveals that the game is not going to part of the main EA Play Live 2021 lineup. Mentioning its extended radio silence, Full Circle explains it is dedicated to making the new Skate experience as enjoyable as possible and would hate to disappoint the loyal fanbase. However, the studio ends the post by teasing "a little something" to be shared sometime July 19. At the time of writing, this tease has yet to be posted on the account or elsewhere. Reactions to the announcement have been mostly positive, with fans just excited to hear the game is still in the works. A few have even shared their support for the development team, saying that a single year isn't long enough to build a quality game. Others are speculating as to what the new information or product could be, with the most popular theory being a remaster of Skate 3 will be announced. While that certainly would be an exciting reveal, it doesn't necessarily fall under the "little something" criteria posted. Regardless of the actual content of the upcoming announcement, confirmation that the game is still in production is enough to excite fans. It is disappointing that the title will make no appearance in the EA Play Live. Even a small message from the developers would be greatly appreciated by eager players. This "little something" is unlikely to send major shockwaves through the gaming community. (It's certainly possible it could, particularly if it's a trailer or a remaster, but still unlikely.) But for Skate fans who have been waiting since 2010 to revisit the series' iconic gameplay, even something minor could be enough to satiate them until gameplay and other details are revealed.
  24. Ubisoft tweeted that the reveal of a new Tom Clancy game is coming today, and some people have already had a hands-on experience with the title. Details on the game aren't clear ahead of the announcement. Many fans were expecting that Rainbow Six Extraction would be the only new game in the franchise this year, but Ubisoft seems to have more planned. The Tom Clancy games are just as well-associated with strong narrative experiences as they are with competitive multiplayer action. One of its most popular titles, Rainbow Six Siege, has an esports league, and Ubisoft hosted the game's largest tournament yet just last year. Players have even been coming out of retirement to participate. While there has been speculation that the upcoming game could be the next installment in the Splinter Cell series, it may be more likely that it's a new competitive shooter. The footage, posted on Twitter by TmarTn, shows first-person gameplay reminiscent of CS: GO and Valorant. It's only 11 seconds long, but the HUD, style of gameplay, and environment betray a bunch of tiny details. It does look like a multiplayer title at first glance, and the first look at gameplay shows a player getting two kills in quick succession. The reveal of the new Tom Clancy game will take place at 11 AM PDT/2 PM EDT today, July 19. The map being played on is bright and colorful and, from the posters and exhibits visible, might be themed after a zoo. A pop-up on the right of the video with the text "Get Kills—60/60" indicates that achievements or quests are potentially already integrated into the gameplay experience. A set of icons near the top of the screen may show that the game mode being played relies on capturing points on the map from an enemy team. And it might be too early to say for sure, but a stylized diagram at the bottom of the gameplay video could hint at player abilities, potentially making today's presentation for a champion-based shooter. Following the critical, albeit contentious success of Rainbow Six Siege, all these details seem to all but confirm that Ubisoft's next Tom Clancy title will be a new multiplayer FPS. And it's not unbelievable that the new game could have champion-like abilities, seeing as Siege had specialized gameplay for its different characters as well. Siege's inclusion in esports is potentially leading Ubisoft to put out more games in the competitive scene. Earlier this year, a leaker put out screenshots for a purported upcoming Ubisoft multiplayer game called The Division "BattleCat," and this video could be the substantiation of that rumor, especially following that The Division is a Tom Clancy title. But it's impossible to confirm as of yet if that leak and the upcoming game are the same. Ubisoft could have scrapped or rebranded the game following the leak. In any case, the full reveal is coming very soon, so there's not long to wait until precise details are available.
  25. A Metal Gear Solid fan has imagined what the roster for a Metal Gear fighting game could look like, positing two lists and even outlining some of the characters' move sets and skills. The iconic Konami series features countless characters skilled in combat, making the franchise well-suited to a fighting game similar to Nintendo's Smash Bros. Ultimate which includes Snake as a playable fighter. The Metal Gear series has been quiet for a while following creator Hideo Kojima's split from the series' publisher Konami in 2015. The Metal Gear franchise is synonymous with the Kojima name, setting a new standard for stealth gaming and pushing the boundaries with fourth-wall-breaking game mechanics and storytelling. With Kojima now helming his own studio, Kojima Productions, and the Metal Gear IP in the hands of Konami, it's not clear what the future of the series holds. Rumors of a Metal Gear comeback for new the generation of console gaming are rife, but despite fans' hopes for an MGS announcement, there's been no confirmation at this time. Twitter user and Metal Gear Solid fan TurnToChocolate took to the social media platform to share her roster for a Metal Gear fighting game, should one ever happen. Across two tweets, the user posited two different lists, changing her original idea to include more women characters. Explaining her first list, TurnToChocolate explored some of her character choices, stating that Naked Snake and Big Boss are listed as separate characters as she imagines one being "quicker and more agile (late 60s-early 70s John)", with the other being "slower but a little stronger (90s John)." When asked about their different move types, she replied: "I hadn't put a ton of consideration into either of them past the surface level but in my head I feel like I was thinking of Big Boss more as a pure grappler and maybe giving Naked Snake rekkas as a special like a Yang or a Fei Long." Though the Twitter user is working on a Metal Gear fan project, she has stressed that it isn't the fighting game she described. In a follow-up tweet, TurnToChocolate gave hope to those keen on the idea, writing: "I really would like to try to bring this idea to life someday with MUGEN or some fighting game engine so I really want the roster around 18-20." While both lists are pretty perfect for fans of the earlier games, there's plenty of other characters players would want to fight as. The user followed up their newer list with another tweet, noting that Olga should also be appearing in the roster. Anyone looking to keep up to date with TurnToChocolate's Metal Gear fan projects can follow her on Twitter, where the user also posts MGS pixel fan art. Fan projects might not be the only thing MGS fans have to look forward to, as it's rumored a Metal Gear Solid remake or remaster could be headed to PS5. The claims have yet to be substantiated by publisher Konami, who backed out of E3 2021 earlier this summer in a decision that left MGS fans disappointed. The company tempered expectations by revealing it wouldn't be appearing at the gaming show before the event, though it did confirm it is in "deep development on a number of key projects." Konami fans hope the unnamed games could be revivals of not just the Metal Gear series, but also Silent Hill. Whiles gamers wait for confirmation, there's always the upcoming MGS movie to look forward to, which will feature Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake.
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