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Found 5 results

  1. MMA-Tracker | MMA | Sports | 2020 Review To apply you have to : 1 . Click Like on this thread 2 . Reply this post for apply, Don't forget to mention me @Fateh Belkhelfa 3. Please do not PM me, i will PM the winners in few days 4 . I will ask for 2-3 ratio proofs and/or speedtest/seedbox, depending on your activity on the forum. 5 .If you are a winner, on receiving the invite you need to register & DO NOT use the same username as on InviteHawk. 6 . Give me +1 Positive Feedback if you get an invite. IL
  2. Be prepared to share proofs with me to show that you understand what it takes to keep up a decent ratio on a private tracker. Also I will PM you a couple easy questions which you will need to answer to show that you are indeed a fan of MMA. Thanks for your interest-
  3. 1 X mma-tracker RULES: 1. Add Like & REP 2. Reply this post for apply, Do not forget to mention me @fateh 3. Do not PM me, I will choose you 4.Give some points if possible /Your choice is not compulsory 5. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you received the invite.
  4. I have some invites to share with IH users! I will update this topic from time to time, check this because i will give some great invites = Invites = Tracker Number Requirements MMA-Tracker 100 1 ratio proof, 1 speed tests Torrentleech (TL) 4 2 ratio proof, 1 speed tests, 1 seedbox proof Blu-Evolution 70 1 ratio proof, 1 speed tests TranceTraffic 5 2 ratio proof, 1 speed tests, seedbox proof HDSky.me 100 2 ratio proof, 1 speed tests, seedbox proof Tracker Number Requirements CrazySaloon 1 1 ratio proof, 1 speed tests Team-LoGiC 99999999 Pm Me Your Email only Tracker Number Requirements Morethan.Tv 99999 Pm Me Your Email only HD-Bits.ro 99999 Pm Me Your Email Only HDQueen 5 1 ratio proof, 1 speed tests Bitleechers 25 2 ratio proof, 1 speed tests, seedbox proof GFXPeers 10 2 ratio proof, 1 speed tests, seedbox proof = Rules = ● All ratio and seedbox proofs needed.. ● Speed tests must be of your home connection and taken on the day you apply. ● All ratio proofs must be clearly visible. Not too small. ● Do NOT apply if your country is banned. ● Only apply if you haven't had an account on the tracker before (banned/disabled). ● Don't PM me, unless I ask you in this thread. ● Put Your Username and Date In Address Bar. ● Don't apply if you're not sure you're going to use your account. ● Invites only sent to Gmail addresses. ● I may ask you to PM me some profile links (so have them ready). ● Don't apply for more than one tracker, you have to make a choice. ● If I invited you before: only apply if at least one month has passed since then. ● Don't apply if you don't meet my specific requirements for the tracker .
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