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Found 1 result

  1. Here is a short guide so you don't suck up. As soon as you join READ THE RULES! Read the Wiki! Learn it! If you have read it twice or 3 times as much as you need to remember the core stuff that will get you in trouble. Don't rush to download. This is the dumbest mistake people make. They start downloading without taking a look how many uploads they have to start with. Again it will be in the Rules or Wiki. Biggest thing newbies don't understand is: you don't get to download what you want when you first join. You need to download the most leeched free/discounted torrents that you can and wait to build a buffer. For the first week or two (depending on your bandwidth) you should be solely concerned with building ratio and not at all concerned about whether you actually like the torrents you've downloaded. ( Tip: Download new freeleech torrents until you make at least 50GB upload so you can get some stuff without getting in trouble.) Forget about your animal instinct. Don't attack people, don't be rude. Keep the hate away. It will be in the rules but most people don't pay attention to it. If you do it someone will report it and you will get in trouble. Don't be scared to get involved in the tracker. Some people think that if they go under the radar, they will be safer. Not true at all. Keep the rules and you will be fine. If you need help, every single tracker has Help thread in the forum. Use it! If you have to contact Staff, most tracker have amazing staff. They will give you the best answer or solve you problem. But first try your luck at the forum if it's not urgent. Staff has their own life and they are busy. Be careful with HnR. Most trakcers have seeding requirements (time you need to seed the torrent). It will be in the Rules or Wiki but still most people don't pay attention. Join trackers you will use. Go to our review section to get knowledge about them and make your decision. You don't need a seedbox to survive in most of them. Just be smart and follow the TIP from 4. Set a calendar reminder to screenshot your stats for trackers you have invested in. They disappear over night, and it's nice to have your shit sorted for when you need to interview for a new one. AutoDL/irssi can ruin your day in seconds if you configure them wrong or don't scope a filter properly Speaking from personal experience, don't break the rules, even in benign ways. Particularly the ones about VPNs, proxies, or account sharing. The reason they're so hardcore, is because staff can't tell the difference between cheating/ban evasion/etc and some poor dude who forgot to turn off PIA. If they ask questions, it's in your interest to be open and honest. Don't be those people idling in the #disabled channel having a cry to anyone who'll listen. Own your mistakes - volunteer staff are there to maintain the health of the tracker for everyone, not listen to your dumb (and probably fabricated) sob story. Always join through official recruitment threads if available. And last: Have fun, don't stress too much. Don't get obsessed. Trackers are to get content to fill your free time, not to fill your whole day with them or your life. Mistake many people do. Have a social life outside Internet. If someone comes with something useful I will add it here.
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