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Found 1,223 results

  1. Donations needed! Hello, We are yet to cover our last month's servers invoices, we really need your help. We are about ***+ Eur to go + current month's due's! Request all members to please help out by donating whatever possible. We are also offering 3x Upload credit on all donations over ** Eur for this whole month! Staff
  2. Google Translation: About Downloads Hello friends. We had to block the entry of some countries due to intense attacks for a week. Our friends who have fixed IP addresses related to this, If they are unable to download, it is highly requested to share their country and IP information.
  3. Asgaard News FreeLeech ON All Torrents Free FreeLeech [ON] set by o**** Until 14 Sep 2020 (2d 22:13:45 to go)
  4. There has been a name change on our site, but we continue to work the same way. New URL: https://selection-tracker.net
  5. Google Translation: Freeleech torrents Hello We have a problem with freeleech torrents Please stop grabing them until the problem is solved and we will notify you. At the time of this post any freeleech torrent you grab Will not be refunded
  6. Freeleech torrents Hello We have a problem with freeleech torrents Please stop grabing them until the problem is solved and we will notify you. At the time of this post any freeleech torrent you grab Will not be refunded
  7. Security check for Unit3d needs help At the moment, the dev of unit3d (our tracker code base) are going to start security tests. This means hiring "engineers" to try and get pass the security. This is just as important as it is for all Unit3d trackers. Security we all value. So please consider helping the dev, to do that follow link below. https://github.com/sponsors/HDVinnie Thank you. Dearest regards... S***
  8. [Shifang Guizhong event] [Week 2] 2020/9/13 ~ 2020/9/19 In response to the feedback of the students, the 3 singers will be changed from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe and the United States to Chinese, Japan, Korea, Europe and America every week, starting from the third week of the event. [Shifang Guizhong event] [Week 2] 2020/9/13 ~ 2020/9/19 here If the albums of male gods and goddesses in your heart have not yet been collected, you can reply to the singers you want, and the working group will prioritize arrangements next week!
  9. Server is down.
  10. Published on 05/09/2020 07:59:32 Moin Comm, you have decided to keep the invitesystem. But for the remaining 24 users who have decided for yes, you have the possibility to send us the email address of the users you want to invite. There is also a small bonus: Inviter gets 2000 points and the Invite User 2500 points. So have a nice weekend.
  11. Google Translation: Maintenance Dear users! From 10pm on 14/09/2020, torrent upload, torrent editing, and viewing sample images is not expected to work until dawn. Other options on the site will be available without interruption. Thank you for your understanding!
  12. Google Translation: Site is freeleech until 23:59:59 on 9.11, we wish you a happy life! ! !
  13. Zeh3

    Aither News

    Notice:  Please consider helping the developer of Unit3d (the tracker code), its the future of trackers. do it here ---> https://github.com/sponsors/HDVinnie Also Please support this site and become VIP with many benefits. BON, Invites, freeleech, seedbox discount and more
  14. Server work To all NRW people, and again new paths are being tread for you in this turbulent time. Our host is making changes to the infrastructure, which means that all of our tracker's IPs will change. This can lead to problems with the DNS servers, i.e. there may be failures on the NRW-Main. The offline page (here) is not affected! Be sure to save this link!!! Further help and information will be given there. In the course of this move, the system will be completely reinstalled and brought up to date with the latest technology. Moving day is the
  15. HTTPS tracker activated - New Announce - Old torrents will continue to work *****/announce is the new announce url using ssl connection for our tracker. The old announce cannot be used anymore and all new torrents posted will need to use this new url. All old torrents will continue to work all peers seeders etc, and new downloads, will all remain working. The announce url change, brings us more in line security wise, and now your host cant even decrypt what the tracker says to you, and what you send to the tracker. Obviously it can still monitor what you exchange
  16. Owner Just an update on the owner. Just finished my 6 treatments for bladder cancer. I will know if this worked October 19th then I can deal with my prostrate cancer. I am very grateful for all the prayers my friends, since I am still kicking they have helped. Love all of you B***
  17. Freeleech Pool Tipped! ***** has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following film(s) have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. Here Thanks to users who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
  18. FREELEECH IS OVER As of today FREELEECH IS OVER. For every torrent you download, you are required to seed it to a 1:1 or more Ratio Watch If your ratio dips below 1:1, your account will be placed on ratio watch for 21 Days. if you're not able to restore your ratio within that time the download rights will be disabled.
  19. Google Translation: The promotion will apply until Monday (23:59 - 14 September 2020) The promotion offers a DOUBLE purchased package from the DONATE tab The promotion applies to the packages selected below. Explaining so that everything is clear. By purchasing sequentially, you get: VIP for 3 months - you get the VIP range for 6 months instead of 3 VIP for 6 months - you get the VIP range for 12 months instead of 6 VIP for a year - you get a VIP range for 24 months instead of 12 D0LBY DIGITAL Package - you get 2x D0LBY_DIGITAL package STERE0 package - you get 2x STERE0 p
  20. Site is back online.
  21. Site is back up.
  22. Site is back online.
  23. Downtime due to server issues.
  24. Freeleech ended and Hit &Run implemented and active from now on if you dont seed you wont be able to download
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