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Found 4 results

  1. AtlAntA Store for Private Torrent Invites Hello, This selling thread is one of the old biggest thread in this forum. Every tacker is categorized properly by exact content and shorted by A-Z format. I personally believe you will get everything here, If you are looking for something thats not in my list, let me know, i will get that for you. Exclusive Offer World-in-HD (WiHD): 150$ PassThePopCorn (PTP): 100$ HDBits: 120$ BroadcasTheNet: 150$ Music Trackers Redacted: 40$ Orpheus : 15$ Exigomusic: 25$ Notwaht.cd: 30$ Nmp3s: 30$ Movie Trackers PassThePopCorn: 100$ Anthelion: 10$ Anime Trakers u2.dmhy: 35$ Cartoonchaos: 10$ AnimeBytes 45$ AnimeTorrents: 10$ E- Learning Trakers Biztorrents: 15$ Thevault:100$ Bibliotik: 25$ LearnFlakes: 20$ Bitspyder: 5$ MyAnonaMouse: 15$ HD Trakers HDBits: 100$ HDCHina: 20$ Tp-mteam: 15$ TTG: 35$ CHDBits: 15$ PiXELHD: 20$ PrivateHD: 20$ Beyhond-HD: 15$ TeamHD: 15$ UHDBits: 15$ OLD Movies Trackers Karagarga: 50$ Cinemati: 15$ Cinemageddon: 40$ Iloveclassics: 10$ classix-unlimite: 10$ O Day Trakers Btitvault: 40$ TV Trackers Morethantv: 20$ BroadcasTheNet: 150$ TV-Vault: 15$ French Trackers Ethor: 20$ Xthor: 30$ World-in-HD [Exclusive Offer]: 150$ Add me on Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/jEfrRUKa7i0g (For live chat, 24h/24h) I accept the following payment methods: Bitcoin Ethereum Paypal verified
  2. ★ 3 / 4 / 5 $ USD Trackers Store , Grab Your Needed Stuffs NOW ! ★ ★ TorrentDay Invite 5$ USD PayPal ★ ★ IPTorrents Invite 5$ USD PayPal ★ ★ FunFile.Org Invite 3$ USD PayPal ★ ★ Tasmanit.es Invite 4$ USD PayPal ★ ★ Pretome.Info Invite 5$ USD PayPal ★ ★ Waffles.ch Invite 4$ USD PayPal ★ ★ PolishTracker Invite 5$ USD PayPal ★ ★ DesiTorrents.tv Invite 3$ USD PayPal ★ ★ KrayTracker.com Invite 4$ USD PayPal ★ ★ Bemaniso.ws Invite 5$ USD PayPal ★ ★ TopHos.Org Invite 3$ USD PayPal ★ ★ InPeril.net Invite 3$ USD PayPal ★ ★ JoyHD.net Invite 5$ USD PayPal ★ ★ TranceTraffic Invite 3$ USD PayPal ★ ★ JpopSuki.eu Invite 3$ USD PayPal ★ ★ 3DTorrents.Org Invite 3$ USD PayPal ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★ HOT NewlY Arrived Offers ! ! ! ! ★★ ★ REDActed [RED] Invite ★ ★ PassThePopCorn Invite [PTP] Invite ★ ★ RetroWithin Invite ★ ★ Bibliotik Invite ★ ★ ZonaQ.Pw Invite ★ ★ AsianDVDClub Invite ★ ★ U2.Dmhy.Org Invite ★ ★ TorrentLand.li Invite ★ ★ AwesomeHD Invite ★ ★ baconBits Invite ★ ★★ Buffered Trackers ! ! ! ! ★★ ★ Xthor.to Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ Ethor.net Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ Elite-Tracker.net Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ HypeRay.Org Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ TP.M-Team.Cc Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ Gods.Lu Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ HDCMCT.Org Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ HDSky.me Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ HDChina Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ Empornium Buffered Account With Mail ★ ★ nCore Buffered Account With Mail ★ Welcome .::IH::. Members This Is My Official Selling Store You're Dealing With " DSTT " . So How To Worry ?!! < Check My FeedBacks Check For The Available Stuffs & PM Me , We Will Reach An Agreement For Sure NorBits DVDSeed.eu PreTome R3VuK.wtf PolishTracker PolishSource.cz bithUmen BaconBits x264.me HD-Torrents IPTorrents TorrentLeech TorrentDay FunFile PuntoTorrent.ch Fano.in CHDBits JoyHD HDCenter OurBits HDF.World Cinematik HDCorea 3DTorrents TorrentCCF DeepBassNine DB9 MusicVids Apollo Waffles.ch TranceTraffic JpopSuki Libble.me PsyTorrents u2dmhy.org AnimeBytes TVChaosUK CGPeers Bemaniso AcrossTheTasMan RetroWithin Bitme.org BitSpyder Just PM Me For What You Need & I Will Offer You Good Prices Three PayMent Methods Available : PayPal , SKRILL , BitCoins Regards, DSTT
  3. |------------)(-------------_______----------)(----------______| .::u2.dmhy | Anime | HD, SD | 2018 Review::. |------------)(-------------_______----------)(----------______| Description U2 is a NexusPHP based anime private tracker with high quality standard. If you want to find Blu-ray and DVD rips or good quality encodes then u2 is a good place to go. U2 has a large collection of BDMVs and DVDISOs (more than 5000 BDMV and more than 1000 DVDISO). They have more than 27.000 torrents and only around 120 torrents have no seeders. Most of the torrents are well seeded. Many of the uploaders are downloading the new content from Japanese peer-to-peer file-sharing softwares such as Share and Perfect Dark and uploading on u2. With the increase in the fight against piracy, some u2 members united and organized a group called "u2娘@share" to release Japanese anime BDMVs which is not released by others. Besides, many u2 members upload self ripped CD's, DVD's and DVD's. All releases by u2 members are of high quality. Many have artworks and new CDs have ripping logs. Apart from BDMVs and DVDISOs, there are also many experienced encoders in u2 such as fch1993, Littlepox, Devil-JIN, Link and so on. The internal group in u2 is DMHY_RAIN and DMHY_SEIU. DMHY_RAIN releases high quality encodes while DMHY_SEIU releases encodes of lower quality with good compatibility with your equipments. All internal rip are all free with 2x or 3x upload while other self encode are of 50% freeleech. Maintaining a good ratio on u2 is easy. U2 also has manga, lossless music and live. Besides, u2 has subtitiles specialized for BDMVs called "外挂结构". The bonus system is different from other trackers. There is no limit for the bonus you get everyday. You can use bonus points(UCoins) to change your username, title, and their color. Bonus points can also be used to change torrent's promotion status for yourself, others or everyone. U2 has practically no english subbed content. Unless you speak Japanese, encode, or want raws to mux, there's not much reason to be there. New accounts will be deleted if there is no traffic (0 KB upload and download) within the first 7 days of registration. Home Categories Browse Requests FORUMS RULES UPLOAD FAQ USERCLASS Tracker Stats RATINGS
  4. Hello, I have empornium account. And I am seeking U2.dmhy.org invitation. Kindly Pm me if you are interested. TIA
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