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general ExtremlymTorrents | ET | General | 2019 Review

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ExtremlymTorrents | ET | General | 2019 Review

Tracker URL
Tracker Genre    General
Tracker Type    Ratioless
Bonus System    No
Maintaining ratio    Easy
Tracker Signup    Open signup
Banned Countries  None
ExtremlymTorrents is a romanian private tracker with good speed and lots of users. It is having general content but porn content is dominating.
It is ratioless and is not having bonus system.
 Premium Torrents





Pre times 7/10

Community 7/10

Content 7/10

Speed 7/10

Tracker score 7/10

Edited by cryterion

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  • Similar Content

    • By UTKiller
      Friends Share | General | 2019 Review
      Name: Friends Share
      Genre: General
      Ratio Requirements: 0.8 (15 day warning)
      Singup: Invite Only (Temporarily Open! Mai/2019)
      Maintaining Ratio: Easy
      Bonus System: Available
      Language: Brazilian Portuguese
      Friends Share is a Brazilian tracker that restarted recently. In Brazil the government had made some operations against Torrent Trackers, resulting in the closing of almost all Brazilian trackers. Now the trackers are coming back slowly, with a few members, and have more restricted invitation system.
      Friends Share is a good general tracker, for new and old content.  Most torrents have an good average download speed. The tracker is friendly with new users, after creating the account you get a bonus of 3.0 GB of upload. Also the tracker has a bonus point system, which helps users to keep a good ratio.
      The mains rules are the basic rules for torrent trackers. Users have 30 days to use the tracker without any punishment for low ratio, after that users have to keep a minimum of 0.8 ratio. Users who does't meets minimum ratio will receive a warning, and if they not correct their ratio in 15 days, they will be banned.
      The bonus system gives 1 point per hour to seeders. You can later trade points for upload credit in GBs or for an invite. Check the Bonus System screen shot below.
      For non-brazilian users:
      Most video content (TV, Series, Movies...) are dual-audio with english and portuguese language. You can check it in the torrent details. Some has the audio type informed as "legendado" (subtitled), which means the video is the original audio, usually english, with subtitles. Subtitles are commonly in a separated .srt file.







      TOP Torrents

      Bonus System

      Community: 9/10
      Content: 7/10
      Speed: 7/10
      Tracker Rating : 7/10
    • By inviteHD
      - eStone was born in 2015 from Xider and Beload fusion. It's a good Hungarian tracker with a lot of english content such as Movies, Books, TV shows, Software, Games, Music. XXX. Can be used well with google translate if you are not a native. In addition, the forum also has a designated area for English if you want to discuss.
      - They have a really good bonus and H&R (Hit & Run),  systemany downloaded torrent must be seeded for 24 hours or reached ratio = 1 , because of that it's very easy to keep ratio with free torrents or you can buy upload amount for bonus or real money if you support the site.
      - Themes Style : There is a single interface for the tracker, not too dark, but keeping the same items in common makes me personally dislike (I like to separate items for each category: music, movies, ..).
      - Content : They have more than 82,000 torrents, you can see some pretty old movies here still have seeds . But, If you need the latest movie content quickly, this is not where you look. I don't get the maximum download speed here but the speed is acceptable (maintained at 60% bandwidth) .You can search by content HD / Eng or HD / Hun. In short, this is a good place if you are a native.








      My Ratings  
      Speed :    6/10
      Pretimes : 6/10
      Content : 6.5/10
      Community : 6 / 10
      Overall : 6/1 0
    • By cryterion | THT | General | 2019 Review
      Tracker URL
      Tracker Genre    General
      Tracker Type    Ratio based
      Bonus System    Yes Maintaining ratio    Easy
      Tracker Signup    Invite only Banned Countries  None   The-Torrents is a Romanian General private tracker that used to be open for free sign up for long time but now it has improved in terms of content and members database and shifted to invites only tracker.

      Speeds and pre times are OK, especially in new torrents.

      TheTorrents has internal team called ThT who just add Romanian subtitles to Scene Movies encodes.

      You have to seed each completed torrent for 1:1 ratio or 48 hours after download is finished and they give each member some H&R slots according to their user class levels.

      Their invites system is very easy and available all the time and you can exchange bonus points to spend on things like upload credit, invites, VIP, waring removal or you can gift your points to another member, so maintaining ratio here not a thing to worry about.

      You have adult content on different page.

      Invites can be send only by VIP


      Ro subbed


      Browse Adult





      Bonus points




      Pre times 9/10
      Community 8/10
      Content 9/10
      Speed 9/10
      Tracker score 9/10

    • By kalel01
      Name : FreeTorrent
                                      Tracker URL :          
      Tracker Genre :  General                   
      Tracker Type :  Ratio Based       
      Tracker Signup :  Open Signup        
      Bonus System  :  Yes                         
      Seed Difficulty  :  Easy                       
      Banned Countries :  No                                
      FreeTorrent is a French General tracker that focus in French dubbed Movies, its was created on August 8, 2018. It has about 3k+ registered members and about 1K+ torrents. It's easy to keep a good ratio, there is a Bonus System and freeleech torrents. You can find a lot of p2p releases on this tracker, from Movies, Shows, Apps, etc. There is a request section and Graveyard, so you can ask for anything you can't find. Home










      My Ratings
      Speed : 7/10
      Pretimes : 3/10     
      Content : 5/10  
      Community : /10         
      Overall : 5/10
    • By cryterion  | General | 2019 Review
      Tracker URL
      Tracker Genre    General
      Tracker Type    Ratio based
      Bonus System    Yes Maintaining ratio    Easy
      Tracker Signup    Open signup Banned Countries  None is a romanian private tracker. For the moment you can sign up and i believe it will take some time with free signup.
      It's a good tracker for it's romanian content but you can find also content in english.
      With good speed and good torrents i believe utorrents is one of the greatest romanian trackers.







      Pre times 8/10
      Community 8/10
      Content 9/10
      Speed 9/10
      Tracker score 8/10
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