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seedboxes.cc review

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I Have been using seedboxes.cc lately . The plan i choose for this review is vampire box plan 

jYPlMeJ.pngActually there is a discount for 1 month using code EASTER2019 ,so i used it get the box for  18euros  .

i tested this box in ipt many torrents failed to achieve ratio 1 in initial swarms in deluge i hit 1.5 mostly only in deluge after tweaking it .

The thing is i didn't notice that there is a cap but they still advertise as unlimited

Z1BoaFl.pngusAnrb7.pngThis is when i thought i was fucked . So i immediately requested for refund .

The caps are based on the plan you choose .

But plex performance is great and there was no buffering in it and you can also link you unlimited gdrive account to plex .

2KVEJdk.pngThe support is great though quick replies after submitting tickets

ftp speeds are also great 

if you need a seedbox for publics , plex this is a good one but for private it is not a good option for the given price point

overall performance : 7/10

stability :9/10

plex : 8/10

speed : 7/10

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Have been trying with Bat Box for couple of weeks and so far it is great.

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A friend of mine has used their services for nearly 2 years and is super happy about his experience so far. I just signed up a few days ago and I have no complains really.

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