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What Are You Listening to Now?


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I listen to all types of music, however I find that most radio  music grates on my nerves. So does unfortunately most country music, in terms of oldies I love golden age bollyhood, as well as jazz (ie: etta james, ella fitzgerald, nina simone etc). Recently I've been vibing to soft r&b such as raveena, H.E.R, and rayn lenae. I love how mixed genres are becoming more and more prevalent and that artists are encouraged to mix and explore different flavors of music. I recently have been binging Lily Allen's No Shame album. I've also been vibing hardcore to Lizzo  recently. I also have a huge soft sport for rap and orchestrative music (I know my music tastes seem very scattered) . I have some amazing recommendations for most genres if anyone is interested ^^

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I dont limit myself to any particular genre of music. but mostly listen to old school rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock from 70s till 90s. plus some metal genres mostly thrash metal, progressive metal, folk doom metal, some blues jazz classical moviess soundtracks and  worldmusic.


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