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Cinavia – Enforcement February 1 2012

Guest Ethan

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Guest Ethan

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Press Releases / Announcements
AACS Announces Schedule for the Inclusion of Cinavia in Blu-ray Disc Players

Verance’s watermark-based content protection technology becomes mandatory
July 20, 2011 — SAN DIEGO — AACS LA, LLC today announced that, pursuant to the provisions of its license agreements with Blu-ray Disc player manufacturers, the inclusion of the Cinavia technology from Verance Corporation will become mandatory for all Blu-ray Disc players as of February 1, 2012.
Cinavia, the standard for protection of filmed entertainment content, employs Verance watermarking technologies to extend the existing content security architecture for Blu-ray Disc to protect against the use of unauthorized copies of commercial movies, such as those originating from in-theater camcording or “ripped” Blu-ray Discs or DVDs. Cinavia has been licensed by major motion picture studios including Universal Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and employed in numerous theatrical, Blu-ray Disc, and DVD releases.
Cinavia has been an element of AACS’ architecture since June 2009, when AACS LA issued their final technical specifications and license agreements. Since then, Cinavia has been licensed by dozens of Blu-ray Disc player and component manufacturers, integrated into leading Blu-ray Disc player chipsets, and deployed in over 45 million Blu-ray Disc players sold to consumers.
“Consumers love Blu-ray Disc for the great entertainment experience that it delivers and Verance is thrilled to have this opportunity to support its growth,” said chief executive, Nil Shah. “The Cinavia deployments to date have demonstrated a striking efficacy at increasing the market for legitimate Blu-ray Disc media as well as digital entertainment platforms incorporated in Blu-ray Disc players. We look forward to bringing our solution to more participants in the Blu-ray Disc market.”
To facilitate timely and cost-effective deployment of Cinavia by player manufacturers, certified Cinavia components are currently available from Verance and numerous Blu-ray Disc component vendors and Verance is offering license fee waivers to manufacturers of players that implement Cinavia in accordance with Verance’s preferred screening specifications.

Cinavia will be enforced February 1, 2012 what does this mean? For those with a PlayStation 3 I’m sure you are already aware of this as you have either modified it to play your media or you suffered the consequences of not being able to play certain types of media. This post is more so the the fellow BluRay player owners who may not have suffered from Cinavia protection as of yet but soon will.

On February 1, 2012 it will be mandatory for all BluRay players to support the Cinavia technology. What is Cinavia, well you can read more about it HERE. Those with BluRay players will have to update there firmware in order to play what will be the latest movies. What types of media are we talking about? Cams, TS, R5, RC, anything with Line bascially anything with bootlegged audio, but also for any of those that may rent a bluray out of a video store or local redbox and make a copy of it. If you would like to still be able to do this you will need particular programs such as this HERE.

Now that Cinavia is being fully adopted who knows what level it may be taken to next! Images on the Internet, Music perhaps even Television? It wouldn’t be hard for them to implement this technology into other media devices over time. Over time yes, this type of thing will be far from us but some of us may live to see a more controlled digital age…

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