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It is NOT ALLOWED to sell directly through PM's. All users need to have a selling thread in order to sell. Users will be banned immediately if caught selling without a selling thread.



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for sale at the cheapest price

notwhat.cd account
morethan.tv invite
baconbits invite
desi.cd account
uhdbits invite or account
brokenstones account
efectodoppler account
open.cd account with 6 invite  
avistaz account
ourbits account 
alpharatio account with 2 invite   
lztr.me invite
jpopsuki.eu invite
nostalgic account 
filelist account
pixelcove invite
femdomcult account
horrorcharnel account with 3 invite
blutopia.xyz account 
orpheus  account
indietorrents  account


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  • Root Admin

Your thread has been Approved. Good Luck and hope you are able to make good deals!

Note for sellers: Enhanced Verification
All sellers are required to post a selling thread in order to sell something. If you are selling high and medium level trackers, a staff member will message you for proofs and profile links. All proofs must be Unedited and should include the name of the staff member and the present date. You will also have to provide your direct profile links for enhanced verification. A staff member might request another way of verifying your ownership if they find you suspicious. If you have a problem providing Unedited Proofs and Profile Links, you may not sell here. If you are reported for trying to sell directly via messages then you shall be banned immediately. The safety of our members is our #1 priority.

Note for buyers:
If you are buying high level trackers or are not comfortable going first with the seller, you may request a middleman. You can send a message to Ethan or any other Staff Member in order to request a Middleman. Always be smart and do not fall for something that seems to good to be true. A high level tracker such as HDBits or BTN costs atleast $100+, if someone is selling it for less than that then he is most likely a scammer. You should either avoid purchasing from the seller or use a middleman. Always prefer buying from a seller who has a good feedback history. We try our best to ensure the safety of our members but we are not responsible if you are scammed.

What is a Middleman?
A Middleman is a staff member who will help you complete a deal with the seller. The middleman takes money from you and then requests the seller to send the invite or account. Once you confirm everything, the money is passed onto the seller. This ensures that no one is scammed or cheated and adds to buyer's safety.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message Ethan or any other Staff Member.


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notwhat.cd account              20$
morethan.tv invite                 25$
baconbits invite                      20$
desi.cd account                        20$
uhdbits invite or account     15$
brokenstones account          25$
efectodoppler account         15$
open.cd account with 6 invite      30$
avistaz account                       15$
ourbits account                       10$
alpharatio account with 2 invite    10$ 
lztr.me invite                            10$
jpopsuki.eu invite                    7$
nostalgic account                    5$
filelist account                         10$
pixelcove invite                        7$
femdomcult account             15$
horrorcharnel account with 3 invite    20$
blutopia.xyz account             15$
orpheus  account                    20$
indietorrents  account           7$

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