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I've been with from 2 months and i found it the best seedbox company/provider. I have Shakti plan and it is more than enough for me, at least for now

1. The setup is instant, the prices are good, and the speeds are amazing. 
2. Support is normal, I've received a reply in 1-5 hours mostly. I think it is ok for small seedbox companies
3. Unlimited Bandwidth.
4. Download from public trackers allowed, but upload to a reasonable ratio
5. I get full download speeds of 31.2 MiB/s  and full upload speed 31.2 MiB/s on my Seedbox, As this plan is 250 Megabit DEDICATED BANDWIDTH PER USER but speed also depends on good peers. And this plan is for people having low budget.
6. I am happy with this plan and seedbox atleast currently, i had used those seedboxes, in which they say they have 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit upload speed, where i only got 2-5 MiB/s speed... It can easily fulfill my requirement as i mostly use freeleech torrent to increase my ratio and where i am unable to increase my ratio, i usually upload torrents, Its working good on filelist, privatehd and sisters sites, torrentday, pornbay, pornbits, hd-space and etc
7. You may face problems only in or in iptorrents or in alpharatio, only when you are new user,  when you cannot see any leechers on torrents or too few leechers and other people downloading with 10Gbit, 20Gbit boxes, but after few month, you will feel good on these trackers, when you will be power user...

8. Its low budget plan, but you can purchase premium plan too with high speed and large space...

9. but with these type of low budget plan, in few month i have uploaded  in exoticaz 60tb, filelist 10tb, pornbay 30tb, pornbits 2tb, privatehd 2tb, bit-hdtv 2tb and etc approximately..

10. Staff is too friendly, they sent 1-2 emails in 1st month, are you facing in speed problems, after 1 week when i face little problems, they immediately transfer me to a new server happily...

11. i never tested download speed with download manager or ftp, i mostly focus upload/download speed on rutorrent, i do not download/upload with seedboxes out of rutorrent..

12. you can get 20% discount via promo, that is one time discount, even they gave me 2 times discount, you can use this promo code, while sending payment..

User Promo Code : cheapbox20

13. My seedbox upload/seed speed on private tracker:


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    • By Archiee
      Price    $15 p/m
      Speed    1Gbps
      Storage    75GB
      Setup took just 10 minutes, I’ve had experiences with other seed boxes where it took over 24 hours to set up. In 30 days I uploaded over 1500GB (1.5TB) of torrents. The bandwidth and torrent limit is truly unlimited, which is good because you don’t have to seed based on which torrents have higher leech numbers. You can seed regardless.

      Max download speeds 22MB/s

      Max upload speed 12.2MB/s
      Summary of Dedi Seedbox
      Max download speed: 22MB/s (although not typical)
      Max upload speed: 12.2MB/s (not typical)
      Total data uploaded in a month: 1503GB (1.5TB)
      I managed to hit these speeds after clearing all my torrents and adding brand new torrents from a tracker homepage. You’re not going to get these consistent speeds (more down to availability of leechers more than anthing), after seeders outnumber leechers the speed decreases. More typical upload speeds were 500kb/s upload, though downloads are always fast as long as there are plenty of seeders.
      Note: After 3-4 days of adding brand new torrents, upload speeds drop, probably because of low number of leechers.
      WebGUI is great, they use rtorrent and was the first time I tried rtorrent, great features, possibly more than the utorrent on my computer. It has unpacking features as well as http download. Although there was one problem where I tried to unpack several zip files over 1.5GB and they would not unpack (gave error messages). I think it may be a server ram/cpu restriction which prevented it from being extracted. WebGUI crashed twice in a month.
      This is an often overlooked part of seedboxes, and nothing is ever mentioned in the ad nor asked by subscribers, but it plays an important part in your torrent experience. Poor CPU and RAM can slow down the GUI, slow down hash check and unpacking of compressed files. Dedi Seedbox worked very fast with my torrents, I left the webGUI running for hours and it kept displaying without hiccups, hash check was pretty quick too.
    • Guest Ethan
      By Guest Ethan
      Speed: 1GBPS
      Support:10/10 very quick support
      GUI: RuTorrrent v3.2
      Package: Custom Package
      Overall rating: 10/10

      Seedbox ( RuTorrent v3.2 )

      Login Page ( RuTorrent v3.2 )

      Comments :
      They are the 2nd Seedbox company i have tried after Seed Unlimited. I felt they have better speeds and the support is very good. They have maximum of 4 users per server which gives unexpected speeds on the box.

      Moreover , they have custom plans available which can be discussed with them by sending them an email at . Pricing is reasonable and affordable and u can get ur own requirements on the seedbox.

      I would give them a 9/10 overall

      Speeds : 9/10
      Support : 10/10
      Pricing : 9/10
      Payment : INR , Dollars , Euros , And other Local Payments
      Contact Info :
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