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File hosting service v.s. Torrents!

Guest yomanwassup2

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Guest yomanwassup2

It is regarded that some file-hosting services, are like torrents, as they can literary allow us identify, and download all the possible files out there in the post:


Let's consider three possible options:

1. Free file hosting service

2. You pay for the hosting service

3. Torrents/trackers

xD So...Let's have a public discussion over this!

Matt :)

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Guest TexXxas

If your referring to the rapidshares/fileposts etc... imo they are not like torrents.

I can max out my connection easily on torrents whereas on the cyberlocker sites I must pay for premium axx or find a premium acct on crack sites in order to get decent speeds.

Also for the majority, the files are on torrents first which are then nabbed and uploaded to the cyberlockers by people trying to make a few dollars.

I do not have to deal with annoying ads and popups on the torrent sites I frequent.

Occasionally I do have to deal with annoying banners and pm's begging for donations on some sites,some more frequently than others,if you cant afford it then shutter it.

my 2 cents

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Guest StopWatch

I don't think you need to make a comparison between them. It should be obvious that torrents are far superior. Only downside to torrents is that sometimes certain torrents die or have next to no seeds/leeches. In fact, the only times I've used file-hosting sites to get something is if it's the final and last resort to getting a file.

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Torrents are obviously better in %99 of the cases. They are really just more efficient and work much better. Of course torrents can die due to lack of seeding. But then files on those filehosting sites also often "die" to be deleted/taken down for various reasons. Torrents never die as long as at least one person who has all the files is seeding. For the most part torrents hold up pretty well due to many users downloading them again and again (in public trackers) and dedicated seeding (by some people in public trackers but mostly in private trackers).

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