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All About Seedbox : Suggestions for Newbie

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I'm living in such geographic state where torrenting is not that much illegal...!


I'm just trying to have some information by which I can go further and can make some cash!

If I get a seedbox and then start a torrent site or may be a private torrent site like cinemaz.to (downloading and streaming) the what will be my SWOT Analysis? Is it sounds kinda weird or illogical or there's a piece of diamonds beneath it!

What will be process or ways of returns ? Wish to know more about seedbox ! How many movies (Suppose 3GB each) I can upload in seedbox... And all the other necessary stuffs!


Or should I go for file sharing hosting (eg. Rapid share, Openload, Turbobit etc.) If Yes , the  which one is better from a downloader perspective (not from a owner/uploaded perspective)...?

Hope to get some tremendous and lucrative ideas, guideline, tutorials from the bosses who are actually ruling this field ...


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its not easy to create and run torrent site and get money...


you need lot of money, staff, web developer and users to download/upload and give donation or by ads..


and if you want to open  tracker, then its better to open porn tracker, because there are few porn trackers...

and you posted it in wrong section, this is about seedbox..

search google, may be you get answer..

Edited by blackcrow

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Hi @blackcrow

Though it's heart breaking but atleast you reply me ! 

Well... I understand then workload and the investment needs ! But I'm actually thinking in a very simple way. There's lot of cheap movie sites from my region (Bangladesh,  India) like 300mb movie and etc. where movies are stored in different file hosting (rapidshare, keep2share, turbobit etc.) I'm also thinking in that simplistic way...

I want to start with a simple wordpress theme... I just post the movies necessary infos and a poster and just give the torrent link beside giving differentfile sharing hostings links (which will be uploaded by me) and people can just downloading it by clicking my given torrent link. I'm thinking actually as simple as like that...!!!

I'm not capable to maintain a top notch site like the other examples (in terms of time, money and technical knowledge) and I'm not interested in porn thing 🙂

How physible my idea is ? (Given on second upper para).

For a passive income, I wish to use the link shortner, CPC, CPM and monetization from different platforms (except Google, as it'll not approve my site!)

Now my question (may be the to the points...) if I buy a seedbox then how much movies I can store in it (approx. 3GB/movie) or seedbox will just keep my created torrent link? Or it's better for me to go with different file sharing hostings like others...! I'm thinking about seedbox because now a days people are very much diverted to torrents as it has many positive sides while downloading and no chance to delete the file by the hosting company where most of the companies delete the file after a certain period of time... 😞

I just want to use the opportunity of torrent because in my country, working with torrent is not a sin and no chance to get into jail with my father, mother, wife, children, dogs 😄 And moreover except CrazyHD there's no other single competitors...

I'm newbie (also given in my topic title)  so apologies for my mistakes! And as a senior and experienced person I want some fair suggestions from you guys... Your each and every suggestions are valuable to me...!




Edited by r_tazib

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Sir @blackcrow

One more thing i must say... i found this forum by doing extensive Google search... I search Google & YouTube+ing like a crazy dog but don't get any satisfactory answer, tutorial anything... 😞




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ok ,  i understand , you want to use seedbox > direct link > then to your site

but remember countries india, pakistan, bangladesh cannot earn a good amount from cpc, cpm and any type of advertisement, especially bangladeshi and pakistani people from south asia, as these site gives very low amount equal to nothing...


lot of sites: getindianstuff, sharespark, tinymoviez, moviesnhacks and etc went offline, becuase they were not getting enough money, these were from india, pakistan, bangladesh... some sites like tinymoviez fight 8-10 years, but after no income they went offline...


ad sites gives nothing to users as compare to europe, american and other users..


you can try... even lot of hosting provider install free wordpress for you via softaculous in seconds.. if you ask them

Edited by blackcrow

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