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Cloudboxes.io // Halloween 2019 // 30% Off & Unlimited Traffic

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Unlimited traffic is now provided on all plans.

Additionally, we'd like to share our  🎃 Halloween 2019 Sale, valid for order made until November 3rd.


> 30% One Off - halloween201930OFF 



> 15% Recurring Off - halloween201915OFF 



What is Cloudboxes.io all about?

- 2x Intel XEONs and up to 40 Concurrent CPU cores based on plan

- Unlimited Traffic (NEW FEATURE):

- 20Gbit Network with Unlimited Traffic

- Supports Fuse mount (Rclone, plexdrive, unionfs etx)

- Root Access (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS  with Sudo Access to install every app and service you feel like)

- Dark Mode (NEW FEATURE). If your eyes get tired on night, you can use our brand new Dark Mode so you can invert the colors of whole dashboard including Cloudbox management, tickets and invoices pages.

- Dedicated IPs (NEW FEATURE). You may use a Dedicated IP that you may only use and noone else. This is very useful when you rely on IP reputation.

- FUll SSL encryption. All installed apps provide SSL ecryption in order to stay safe and anonymous.

- Telegram Bot. Meet CBIO on https://t.me/cbio_bot

- Theater View. Yes click the Theater Mode button on the sidebar of your Cloudbox and enjoy your Cloudbox in theater mode.
- Referral Program. Get your personal codes and share with your friends allowing them to get extra space and you make 5% profit of each sale.

- Storj support. Install a Storj Daemon with a easy 1 click install app and get some extra money out of your storage.


Learn more on



Best Regards

Nick Clark



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🎃 Extending Halloween!!!


We wanted to let you know that we launched a few slots and more will come in the next few days.

We are also extending Halloween promo until Monday November 11th, as it wasn’t fair that we run out of boxes in the middle of the promo.

For new orders through Monday November 11th, we offer 15% recurring lifetime discount or 30% off on your first month.

For 15% recurring discount use halloween201915OFF promotion code

For 30% one off discount use halloween201930OFF promotion code



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