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CartoonChaos is the best Cartoon tracker. A great place and a very friendly community and a wealth of toons from the 40's right up to the present day. But torrents (mostly the big one) are without seeders fast. Ratio is very easy cause many FL files and if you are a long-time seeder you earn enough Bonus Points to buy more GBs. Cartoonchaos invites are very rare. If you are lucky and got one, appreciate it!

Currently Free Leech is automatic on torrents over 7 GB. When the server costs are met all torrents will be free leech until the end of that month. Free Leech is only in effect when you see a gold coin beside a torrent.

Members are expected to seed every torrent they download - including free leeches - to a minimum ratio of 1.0, or for a minimum of 168 hours (the equivalent of seven uninterrupted days of seeding).

Content is quite diversified as everyone can find what he's looking for, both kids and adults, from rare old cartoons to new mature content like Family Guy for example. Tracker has many categories like anime movies, anime series, kids, mature cartoons, educational, shorts etc.

The community is very active, especially on irc with numerous channels and requests are filled pretty quickly.

It is without a doubt the best tracker in its category considering Cartoon is kind of a niche.


Recommended if you are into cartoons.


Tracker Name: CartoonChaos
Tracker URL: https://www.cartoonchaos.org
Tracker Genre: Cartoon
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup: Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Bonus System: Yes
Banned Countries: None
Tracker IRC: irc.dejatoons.net















Pre-Time    -  -/10

Speed       -   8/10

Content    -    8/10

Community -   9/10

Overall     -    8.3/10


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Hi all, does anyone know or can share what Donating to CChaos rewards?  They seem to have a special section on the forum, but nothing else in the screens to reveal that.

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  • Support Team
On 9/15/2020 at 4:18 PM, ORDA said:

Hi all, does anyone know or can share what Donating to CChaos rewards?  They seem to have a special section on the forum, but nothing else in the screens to reveal that.

Donations are closed right now (Thanks to our many generous members, donations are closed until further notice.) But, here is what you asked


1) V.I.P  if over £5

2) Your own Lounge where only you can hang out in - (Plus staff , will drop in)

3) Our full support on questions , requests , new hacks , modifications , YOU get priority

4) Full support with any help needed , guides on torrents , ripping , burning , you name it , just ask

5) YOU get to test out new stuff first - ie hacks

6) Special polls - you get to vote on these only , not normal members

7) If asked for a modification to the site , it will be done in time , if in sites interest (tons already excepted and done) Just be
   patient as working on a load of new things

 You won't be pruned unless not signed in for 3 months you can park your account

There is more to come , but this is basically it for now

Comment from another  post. Not sure if this is still valid.

VIP board had links to mega upload etc where exclusives had been put , also links to our files we had stored on other servers, 
the site has never taken enough to cover any bils except one month

This is what I got from the forums @ORDA 🙂

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  • Support Team
46 minutes ago, ORDA said:

thank you @Achelous


and the VIPs do they get freeleech or immunity to anything or just the forum based perks mentioned above?


VIP is being amended also , please ask staff about changes (September 05, 2009)

This information is from 10 years old thread. As mentioned by one of the admins in the comments, Please contact Staff.

Either way, you can't donate right now as donations are closed until further notice. This is all I got from the forums.

If you need any additional information,  Feel free to start a new discussion in Tracker Help | Support | Guidance as not many people read Tracker reviews comments.


From FAQ

* V.I.P - Access to site and forum is same as user, but also has access to a part of the forum that only they can see. 20 leech slots & 10 actives requests. Account disabled if not accessed for 6 months.

Another (10 yr old) comment from the Donators Lounge

Guys some of you seem to be confused still donating does not make you immune from seeding back - yes it gets you vip and that does have some perks but it is not a get out of jail free card

It basically allows you to PARK your account so if i spot it it doesnt get pruned when we do a check for inactive acounts - never confuse this with the fact you can get vip demoted - ie back to a member - if you take a file seed it back as much as you can we do have a mininmum - if you can't download it is because we have disabled it until your account is up a bit

This is a private site - it is share what you grab not grab what you can and never give back

Thanks for understanding this

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