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.::32pages | 32P | Comics | 2020 Review::.



Tracker Name    32PAGES
Tracker URL   https://32pag.es/
Tracker Genre    Comics
Tracker Type    Inkdrop Based (Ratioless)
Bonus System    YES
Tracker Signup    Application (web) / Invite only
Banned countries    NONE
Maintaining Ratio    EASY
Freeleech & Bonus    YES
IRC    URL: irc.32pag.es, Port: 6667
Channels: #32p | #Support | #Disabled |
#Page69 (NSFW) | #Announce
Tracker Birthday    April, 2010

32pag.es, formerly known as ComicBT is a gazelle based tracker that focuses on comic books/graphic novels in cbr and cbz formats. Manga is not allowed unless it is officially translated and published by western publisher.
Their collection is huge. They currently have around 39 000 torrents, and many of those are big franchise packs, so the number of actual comic books is far greater. 

32P is a gazelle based tracker that focuses on comic books/graphic novels in CBR and CBZ formats which you can easily open using CDisplay app in Windows many apps available on iOS/Google play so if you're planning to read them on your devices so you can. Most of the torrents are checked by their staff and you will see "checked" which is basically verified torrent so you're good to go to fetch it.

32P have huge collection and I am sure you will not be disappointed after getting into the¬†tracker. They currently have around 42,000 torrents and many of those are big franchise packs, so the number of actual comic books is far greater. Most of the old & big torrents are¬†freeleech¬†so its easy to earn some Inkdrops (bonus) watch out for torrents with diamonds ÔŅĹÔŅĹ.

If you're avid reader so 32Pages is place to be, it's a must have tracker they're associated with bunch of other trackers recently orpheus opened doors for high level tracker users so they can sign up thanks to 32P association users got in music tracker without any problem.

You will find almost everything that has been published in English language. But there are some foreign languages comics are also available i.e. French. However, if you're looking for non-english comics you can always discuss in forums they do have a section called 'International' users can open thread if its not already created but most common languages threads are already there so don't bother reopening. I have seen them banning users without reason even for opening a thread so you can imagine how strict or you can say prudent they are, I maybe wrong but I have seen it so it's personal experience.

Almost everything is very well seeded. 32P is not ratio based tracker which makes this tracker a ratioless. but they do have Inkdrops, 1 x Inkdrop = 1 megabyte. Every time you download Inkdrops are subtracted from your balance, for each uploaded Inkdrops are added to your balance. Many of the comic book franchise packs are freeleech almost 10,000 franchises and counting. No Inkdrops are removed when you download FL torrents with diamond icon. Bonus system is present and is calculated based on how many gigabytes you are seeding, and for how long you have been seeding so nothing to worry about whatever you download just seed it as long as possible that's how you earn Inkdrops.

Community is very active and passionate about comic books. Almost everyone is very friendly and welcoming on forums and IRC but keep your eyes open while posting. I am yet to see someone giving away 32P invite either here or on reddit, although invites are not very hard to get when you upgrade your class. That being said, applications for this tracker are open on first day of every month. It will take some days to get a response, but if you're passionate enough and know about comic books, you won't have trouble getting in.











Top 10














Inkdrop Rules









Inkdrop STORE



PRETIMES    9/10
SPEED    9.5/10
CONTENT    9.5/10
OVERALL    9.5/10


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