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Artist Analytics Integration Offered by Music Services

Guest Black-Widow

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Guest Black-Widow

The British Last.fm announced its plans to cooperate with information and analytics platform named Musicmetric by integrating it into the Last.fm Music Manager.

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Musicmetric is also located in the UK, offering instruments for a better perspective on consumer behavior to anyone working for the creative industry. The service is doing this by drawing its power from peer-to-peer networks, review sites, comments and social networks, collecting information from all available sources.

Last week Last.fm has announced the integration during the SXSW Festival in Texas. After Musicmetric cooperates with Last.fm’s platform, the musicians will be able to track fans, plays and views across a number of Internet music and social platforms like Twitter, Last.fm, SoundCloud and others. In addition, the artists will be able to integrate 3rd party analytics from such services as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and YouTube Insight. They will also get a chance to upgrade to Musicmetric’s Premium version for just $5,99 per month.

Last.fm was launched 10 years ago and acquired by CBS in 2007. Today it accounts for around 40,000,000 users in 200 countries, offering new music and personalized radio and concerts, at the same time keeping a record of users’ listening behavior from more than 600 music players.

CBS Interactive Music Group announced that by integrating Musicmetric’s analytics dashboard into Last.fm’s Music Manager, they will be able to offer musicians and labels access to improved information related to their fans social media presence and listening habits through the Internet. The purpose of Last.fm is to help emerging musicians, and the current project will grant them unprecedented access to the instruments that are essential for success.

Via Last.fm Music Manager, the musicians are able to promote their tracks by uploading files to Last.fm, have access to a record about who is listening to their tracks, manage their profile and offer free downloads. Musicmetric has also launched a Musicmetric Pro edition, which offers sentiment analysis and TV-appearance tracking. Previously, this kind of analytics was only available to large companies. This is very convenient for new or unsigned artists trying to cut through the noise these days.

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