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Private Trackers - Downtime


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Last Update : 03-11-2021 --  E

List will be checked and updated frequently if there is any update

  • Please try to give Tracker link in the comment
  • Feel free to Pm or send Sticky note if the tracker is back again.

Currently Down as per Data provided by members :

Tracker Name Tracker Link Down From
Sharefiles http://sharefiles.ro/ 06-09-2021
NicePt https://nicept.net 10-09-2021
BizTorrents http://biztorrents.com/ 20-09-2021
Tazmania https://tazmania-den.net/ 21-09-2021
MidnightClub https://www.midnightclub.xyz/ 25-09-2021
4thDimension http://4thd.xyz/login.php 01-10-2021
Devils Playground https://devils-playground.org/ 13-10-2021
Desireleasers https://desireleasers.be/ 31-10-2021

Tracker Shut Down or Not Active From Long TIme :

Tracker Name Tracker Link
Awesome-HD - Dead https://awesome-hd.me/
TorrentsRmine - Dead https://torrentsrmine.org/
*Notwhat.cd - Dead https://notwhat.cd/
*DXDHD - Dead http://dxdhd.com/
*HellasHut - Dead http://www.hellashut.tk/
Hon3yHD https://www.hon3yhd.com/
HDCOREA  https://hdcorea.me/
Semeando cc https://semeando.cc/
3 Evils https://3evils.com/
Torrenteros https://www.torrenteros.org/
*Team-Hush - Dead https://team-hush.org/
Obscure - Dead https://obscure.wtf/
Nordic+ - Dead https://nordicplus.org/
0800br - Dead https://0800br.cc/
Letseed - Dead https://letseed.net/
Pleasuredome - Dead http://www.pleasuredome.org.uk/


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Tracker name: unknown.xyz

Reason: We are sending this mass email out to say Lucifer has made the decision to temperary take The-Unknown offline until the new site is ready, reason being is it's crapping out every 30mins to an hour. Since half past 8 this morning GMT time we've already suffered 3 down times all lasting a little longer than the one before, we're unsure what is causing such problems but we're working extremely hard on getting the new one ready for our users! thanks for sticking with us and once again we apologize.

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