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Private Trackers - Downtime


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Last Update : 22-10-2021 --  M

List will be checked and updated frequently if there is any update

  • Please try to give Tracker link in the comment
  • Feel free to Pm or send Sticky note if the tracker is back again.

Currently Down as per Data provided by members :

Tracker Name Tracker Link Down From
Sharefiles http://sharefiles.ro/ 06-09-2021
NicePt https://nicept.net 10-09-2021
BizTorrents http://biztorrents.com/ 20-09-2021
Tazmania https://tazmania-den.net/ 21-09-2021
MidnightClub https://www.midnightclub.xyz/ 25-09-2021
4thDimension http://4thd.xyz/login.php 01-10-2021
Devils Playground https://devils-playground.org/ 13-10-2021

Tracker Shut Down or Not Active From Long TIme :

Tracker Name Tracker Link
Awesome-HD - Dead https://awesome-hd.me/
TorrentsRmine - Dead https://torrentsrmine.org/
*Notwhat.cd - Dead https://notwhat.cd/
*DXDHD - Dead http://dxdhd.com/
*HellasHut - Dead http://www.hellashut.tk/
Hon3yHD https://www.hon3yhd.com/
HDCOREA  https://hdcorea.me/
Semeando cc https://semeando.cc/
3 Evils https://3evils.com/
Torrenteros https://www.torrenteros.org/
*Team-Hush - Dead https://team-hush.org/
Obscure - Dead https://obscure.wtf/
Nordic+ - Dead https://nordicplus.org/
0800br - Dead https://0800br.cc/
Letseed - Dead https://letseed.net/
Pleasuredome - Dead http://www.pleasuredome.org.uk/


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