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Private Trackers - Downtime


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Last Update : 19-09-2021 --  M

List will be checked and updated frequently if there is any update

  • Please try to give Tracker link in the comment
  • Feel free to Pm or send Sticky note if the tracker is back again.

Currently Down as per Data provided by members :

Tracker Name Tracker Link Down From
HDCOREA https://hdcorea.me/ 03-06-2021
Semeando cc https://semeando.cc/ 17-06-2021
3 Evils https://3evils.com/ 17-06-2021
Torrenteros https://www.torrenteros.org/ 22-06-2021
Obscure https://obscure.wtf/ 12-07-2021
*Team-Hush https://team-hush.org/ 24-07-2021
Nordic+ https://nordicplus.org/ 11-08-2021
0800br https://0800br.cc/ 02-08-2021
Letseed https://letseed.net/ 29-08-2021
Sharefiles http://sharefiles.ro/ 06-09-2021
Omg.wtftrackr https://omg.wtftrackr.xyz/ 07-09-2021
NicePt https://nicept.net 10-09-2021
GFXPeer https://gfxpeers.net/ 12-09-2021
DesiTorrents https://desitorrents.tv/ 18-09-2021

Tracker Shut Down or Not Active From Long TIme :

Tracker Name Tracker Link
Awesome-HD https://awesome-hd.me/
TorrentsRmine https://torrentsrmine.org/
*Notwhat.cd https://notwhat.cd/
*DXDHD http://dxdhd.com/
*HellasHut http://www.hellashut.tk/
Hon3yHD https://www.hon3yhd.com/


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Tracker name : Baconbits 

Site is up again , it opened again within 5 minutes of posting the downtime update as the issue is resolved

2 minutes ago, Jkes said:

@HOCD1A035 site is working.

@Jkesit was down for me for 2 hours yeah it just started now i also checked

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Tracker Name :GFxpeer 

Tracker url : https://gfxpeers.net/

GFXPeers main server suspended !
We need to collect Last month donation for our Servers,
Click this link and Help Us: https://forum.gfxdomain.net/HELP/


We work every day and night and brings you all latest download free in GFXPeers,
So if our services use full for you, Kindly spend some money to keep it running. Thank you
If we help in yours works or study, please spend some money for us to pay ours servers

Team GFXDomain

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