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Please pay attention NOT TO DOUBLE POST!

Private Trackers - Freeleech


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Updated Requirement for Freeleech posts - 

  • All users are required to post a screenshot of the freeleech announcement to be eligible to get points.
  • Make sure to hide irrelevant and sensitive information like your ratio, username, etc in the screenshot.
  • Text can be posted along with the screenshot of freeleech announcement. [Optional]

Last Update : 30-12-2021 -- E

Thread will be checked and details will be updated frequently if there is any update in thread.

  • Feel free to Pm or send Sticky note if the tracker freeleech end in the list below
  • If I missed any active freeleech feel free to PM or send Sticky note.

Currently Active as per Data provided by members :

Tracker Name Tracker Link Freeleech Status
Pornolab https://pornolab.net/ Last Saturday every Month
Telly https://telly.wtf/login Until 01-01-2022
DataScene https://datascene.xyz/ Until 01-01-2022
Docspedia https://www.docspedia.world/ Until 01-01-2022
TorrentDB https://torrentdb.net/ Unkown

Ratioless Trackers :

  • Avoid posting the freeleeches from the trackers below. Freeleech / Ratioless.
  • Feel free to update me with the Trackers which are always Freeleech/Ratioless.
  • More about ratioless tracker Ratioless Torrent-Sites
Tracker Name Tracker Link
420Project 📃
BitHUmen 📃
Carpathians 📃
CGPeers 📃
DataScene 📃
ExigoMusic 📃
FunkyTorrents 📃
GigaTorrents 📃
inTheShadow 📃
Libble 📃
Majomparade 📃
Milkie 📃
Morethan.tv 📃
nCore 📃
Nebulance 📃
PirateTheNet 📃
PolishSource 📃
PreToMe 📃
Retro Within 📃
Secret Cinema 📃
torrentHR 📃
TVStore 📃


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  • Root Admin

Avoid unnecessary posts such as 'Thank you', 'Welcome', etc. Such posts will be deleted and user will be warned if it happens again.

Try to use this format while posting :

  • Tracker Name :
  • Duration : (If you know for how long the freeleech is going to last)


If the post helped you, reward the user by reacting to the post like this -



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