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Judging from your posting and website.



  • "Free" VPN.
  • User-friendly.



  • Shared IP.
  • Behind NAT.
  • They take copyright seriously.¹
  • No refund for cryptocurrencies.²
  • Shell access restricted to "simple tasks."³
  • Slow in terms of internet speed.
  • VPN is required.
  • No full refund.⁴
  • German laws.
  • Expensive.


¹"Seedit4.me takes copyright violation very seriously and is committed to protecting the rights of copyright owners.Seedit4.me users are bound by the Terms of Service as well as by law to respect authors’ rights. Users may not copy, adapt, distribute, or publicly display or perform works of original authorship without the authorization of the respective rights holders. Seedit4.me will take immediate action to stop and prevent further copyright infringement upon acquiring knowledge of a copyright violation."

²"Please note, Coinpayments (cryptocurrencies) can not be refunded for any reason as it is not supported by the payment processor."

³"Shell access is provided, however it is restricted to be used for simple tasks as:

  • Deleting, viewing, moving your data
  • Getting info about your account

Shell access cannot be used for attacks or hacking attempts on other users or networks. If your account is ever found not to comply with the above, it will immediatelly be terminated without notice, and no refund is going to be given."

⁴"A refund will be issued to the amount paid minus the first week of service."


PRIVACY. What? They require this shit?

  • Name. No, it's not required by German law.
  • E-Mail address. No, you don't need it. Give me a downloadable PDF for invoices instead.
  • User name. Why do you need a user name when you've got an account number anyways?
  • Password. Generate a secure password for me. Either that or generate huge ass account identifiers.
  • Purchase history. No, just no.


SHIT. This section covers everything you don't want them to do with your data, but they do it anyways.

  • "Assess your needs to determine suitable products or services."
  • "Send you a newsletter."
  • "Send you marketing communications."
  • "Improve our Web site and marketing efforts."
  • "Conduct research and analysis."
  • "We may disclose your personal information"
    • "as required by law, such as to comply with a subpoena, or similar legal process"
    • "when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request"
  • Google Analytics.



  • Shared network? Impacts upload/download speed.
  • Shared disk? Impacts I/O performance → Upload/download speed.
  • Everything above with "How many users are on the X?"
  • IPv6 support?
  • Hardware?
  • Users per host?



  • Your Terms of Service in a nutshell: overly restrictive hosting provider. Looks like a copy cat because it lists a bunch of stuff that gets restricted in the "Shell Access" section anyways.



  • No refund for cryptocurrencies despite every cryptocurrency supporting a so-called "Initiate transaction" action. Just send the money back manually, dammit. Poor excuse.
  • Operating in Germany whilst offering a (maybe shared) 1 Gbps connection. Not like Germany has the 2nd largest internet exchange point in the world, namely DE-CIX.


Edit: Providers like Seedit4me tempt me to create my own side business based on what I expect from such providers. Maybe I will.. at some point.

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Posted (edited)

Tow weeks now and i can say Excellent services, good speed, and unlimited data uploads
I recommend dealing with them because they deserve 5 stars

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I have been using seedit4me seedbox for couple of weeks. I must say considering the price it is one of the best seedbox I have used. Although speed it 1Gb it does the trick. I hope it will be a lot stronger when it upgrades it speed to 10Gb. That will be huge change.

What I loved about seedit4me, is the time period when and if you need help the staffs replies quickly and escalate the situation to seniors if they dont have the answers. The seedbox is well maintained and easy to use.

The only problem I see is its user have to install other clients(excluding rtorrent with ru) and ssh if they want to use it and user have to do port forwarding, in saying that its easy to do if you have some knowledge of seedbox and it has well documented help section if required. But as a user I would love to see at least three client(rtorrent,transmission and deluge) preinstalled for each other with port forwarding.

Finally I really recommend all Invitehawk users if they are looking for a good seedbox with a quality speed and not much expensive. Give it a try. 

Take care


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