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VPN for private tracker

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Never used one for torrents or piracy in general. My coutry's laws allow downloading of pirated materials, only the uploading is punishable but it pretty much never happened for the average persons. The police used to raid data centers to shut down torrent trackers and ftp servers and to get to the big fishes but they don't do that anymore.


I only used completely anonymous, logless VPNs for hacking big corps and gov sites.

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I personally do, as i don't like any torrenting activity being logged on my IP. As my ISP can easily just see that and know i'm torrenting. Usually sites only allow one account, one person, with one IP. So i just create a Txt Document and put my Email, Username and Password in the document, and i paste my VPN IP into the document as well, that way i know which location to use when i log in, that way i don't accidentally log in with a second IP and end up getting caught.

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