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Twitch Faces a Ridiculous Lawsuit Over "Scantily Clad Women"

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Popular streaming platform Twitch is now facing a lawsuit over what the plaintiff claims are sexually suggestive women who use the platform to exploit addicts. Twitch is currently undergoing some severe sexual assault allegations for some of its content creators, and has been rightfully called out for failing to address these situations when the company has been made aware of them.

There is a long list of female Twitch streamers that the plaintiff has called out, and the list essentially reads like a who's who of some of the platform's most popular women. Twitch has had culture problems in the past, with female streamers being the subject of harassment and vitriol for wearing what is perceived to be provocative clothing by detractors - though it's rarely more than fashionable clothing that would only violate the strictest of dress protocols.

Dexerto.com has gone through the court documents which say that the plaintiff, Erik Estavillo, submitted the complaint to the Superior Court of California on June 15th, and Twitch was then served with an official summons on June 19th. Estavillo has previously sued Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment for various things in the past but they have all been dismissed. The complaint in the lawsuit demands that all the female streamers on the plaintiff's list should be permanently banned from Twitch for violating their Terms of Service, along with any other female (or male, he includes in brackets) streamers who have violated Twitch's TOS in a similar way. On top of this, Estavillo also demands $25 million in punitive damages from Twitch in his request for relief. This 25 million should be split between the plaintiff and other Twitch Prime Turbo subscribers, and the rest should go to COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter charities, the complaint says.

Estavillo believes that his many different medical conditions mean that the only source of entertainment available to him is on the internet, and therefore spends all his time on Twitch. His complaint also declares himself as a sex addict and says that Twitch has only made his condition worse through its "twisted programming and net code" which displays sexually suggestive streamers for him to watch. The complaint also explains that the plaintiff cannot choose streamers to watch filtered by gender, and he is forced to choose a game and/or a category to watch instead. Estavillo happens to be following 786 female streamers and a total of zero male streamers.

Estavillo's allegations are pretty ridiculous as far as lawsuits go. It's an offensive viewpoint that reduces skilled, interesting female streamers to what they're wearing, and it would be shocking to see this lawsuit go anywhere. Estavillo's other lawsuits were unsuccessful, so for interested parties wondering what's to come of the most recent Twitch lawsuit - don't expect much.


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He is probably looking for attention maybe some money, most companies just pay for things to go away, at the moment it seems like Twitch was vulnerable.


Estavillo has unsuccessfully filed lawsuits against Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Blizzard Entertainment


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