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Why so few people use Deluge to download torrent?

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I use Deluge for all my Torrenting Stuff. It is not a problem for me though. I think others don't use this because don't know about this client. The website is also a bit complicated for non-technical users.  I also found myself in some trouble when I was trying to download the Fedora variant of the Installer.  The link for that particular file is also dead . At last I had to install the software for the Ubuntu Variant. 

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@invitelove20What is Deluge in your opinion better than for example qBitorrent?
I think the most mainstream clients all are pretty usable. Your post implies I'm missing out here.
I am aware of Deluge but I simply see no single reason to change. And if I would be rather curious to change to a more modern type of client.

Exatorrent for example

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Deluge is pretty decent but once you start piling on torrents, it starts to bog down. I also think the Deluge client runs much better on a Linux machine. There’s nothing wrong with Deluge but I usually maintain a large cache of seeding torrents. For that I use qbittorrent and Transmission (mainly Transmission 3.0). 

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