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Guest Evilblade

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Guest Evilblade

And I'm Feeling Good.

ba dum tsss.

It's Site Update time yaaaay.

Required Seeding System - Bitch, Please Edition

We've sat down and are reviewing the changes that we are going to make to this system, for the time being, any automated punishment has been suspended, but moderators and admins all have access to your list so they can see your leeching/seeding habits still so you might receiving a warning from them if you are abusing the system and/or not doing your part in the community as far as seeding goes.

If you are still having issues, most likely you are using uTorrent, make sure you have configured your client properly.

Options > Setup Guide

Click 'Run Tests'

Then for the most part, these will be the best settings for your connection, you might want to tone down your 'Max Connections' a bit, but this will more than likely clear up your Required Seeding problems.

If you have torrents that are stuck, try a 'Force Update' or a 'Force Recheck'. These are caused by improperly configured clients killing the connection during a tracker update which gives us false information and reflects poorly on your stats.

The Future

We've got lots of plans in store, so many we can't even begin to name them all. But I'll hit on a few of the bigger ones briefly.

Bonus Points

Like mentioned before, we want to make Bonus Points more valuable to users, currently, they aren't very meaningful to most users. More on that below. But the way we earn them will be the same as always, by seeding, how we earn them will be changing pretty drastically.

We are going to be moving to an exponential style system (no release date). What does this mean? Well, the longer you seed a torrent, the more points you are going to earn for seeing it. We are also going to keep track of your Avg. Seeding Speed and use it as well as a determining factor for how many points you earn. We are also going to give an added Bonus of a multiplier for the last seeder of a torrent.

For Example: If you've been the last seeder on a torrent for a month, and your average upload speed has been 1Mb/s.

(4+10)x5 = 70 Bonus Points Per Hour

Explanation: You will earn Bonus Points hourly, for every week the torrent is active an additional torrent bonus point is added, in this case you have been seeding for a month, 4 weeks in a month = 4 Bonus Points.

We then take a percentage of your connection speed, In this case, 1% of your overall Average upload speed and add that to your torrent based bonus points.

This puts you earning 14 Bonus Points per hour. However, you are the last seeder on that torrent, so you get an added multiplier of x5. Which brings you to earning 70 Points per Hour just for that single torrent.

This again, is still being debated, but we think that's pretty much the type of system we want. Chances are there might be another multiplier for people keeping more than one torrent alive for being the last seeder.

User Classes

We are earning bonus points, but have no way to spend them and they aren't valuable at all to users who have seedboxes or donors.

We are aiming to change that by making all user classes purchasable through the bonus points store. Donors, VIPs, Staff, etc will all have to purchase user classes. The Donor, VIP, and Staff will have separate identification tags next to their class to signify their role on site, but they won't be locked to a single user class and feel stuck, they will be given a chance to work their ways up through the ranks along with everyone else.

We haven't determined pricing for these classes, nor the requirements, but it will be challenging for all. We are also going to be dividing certain site features among classes so there's reasons to upgrade, we also might add special perks to being higher classes. The possibilities are endless.


If you sit and idle in IRC, you'll know that the Casino is a blight on the Users. One minute you are on a winning streak, the next minute everyone in IRC is 'loling' at you cause you just gambled away 30K Bonus Points in a game of Double or Nothing.

With Bonus Points becoming more valuable in the future, you are going to be less likely to gamble with them. So we are going to introduce another currency, which is an obvious move, of casino chips. You'll be able to exchange bonus points for chips and vice versa, and gamble to your hearts content without losing thousands of bonus points.

We'll also be cleaning up a few of the games, currently there are tons of them to play, so we will simplify that, and add a nice little game that is a little more involved than simply click a button and waiting for someone else to play.

The End

That's all the update you get, so move along now.

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The last post in this topic was made more than 14 days ago. Only post in this topic if you have something valuable to add. Irrelevant posts are not allowed and you will be warned/banned for spamming old topics.

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