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Anyone watching the UEFA Champions League?

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I saw an old post for he Premiere League, but strangely nothing about this much-bigger competition. This 2019/20 season is a really weird one, as we're not used to seeing football stadiums without any spectators. But the matches are still a joy to watch.

I'm expecting Bayern Munich to win it all on Sunday. They've been performing like a well-oiled machine, as if the ghost of Nico Kovacs was years ago instead of just last November. I'm sure Paris Saint-Germain would put up a valiant fight (but please, Neymar, stop with the acting!) and it's still anybody's game. It's just amazing how Hansi Flick turned around Bayern's performance since taking over as manager. And should we even talk how they destroyed Barcelona in the semi-finals? Probably not but, still, wow!

So, any thoughts before the final game? Which team are/were you rooting for?

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This year is going to be odd too. Let's see if Bayern can keep the title. English teams have improved their squads, but I can't see a clear winner. Looking forward to this year's matches.

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