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Urban Legend Reboot Casts Arrow Star Katherine McNamara

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Arrow actress Katherine McNamara is reportedly in talks for a role in the upcoming Urban Legend reboot. 24-year-old McNamara is best known for her role as Clary Fray and Mia Smoak in Shadowhunters and Arrow, respectively. She also has a role in Josh Boone's forthcoming The Stand, an adaptation of Stephen King's novel. In addition, McNamara has also taken part in several independent film projects, including an untitled horror film directed by Nick Simon.

The original Urban Legend film premiered in 1998 and quickly gained a cult following in spite of unfavorable reviews from critics. This college slasher film was one of the many that emerged after the success of the first two movies in the Scream franchise and featured many big-name stars of today, including Jared Leto and Rebecca Gayheart. The film centers around a group of students at Pendleton University, who quickly discover that a recent string of murders are eerily similar to the urban legends they are learning about in class.

Although an Urban Legend reboot was announced earlier this February, Collider reports that directors are now eyeing Katherine McNamara to play one of the film's main characters. As of now, not much is known on which roles are available to McNamara. However, there is speculation that she will star alongside Sydney Chandler in an ensemble cast. Aside from McNamara and Chandler, Keith Powers from Straight Outta Compton is rumored to be in talks as well.

Colin Minihan is set to direct this horror film reboot, with Eric Paquette and Michael Bitar overseeing the project for Screen Gems. While it's unknown how closely the reboot intends to follow the storylines from the original Urban Legend, studio executives have stated that this Urban Legend reboot will explore the repercussions of living in a digital age. More specifically, the reboot will highlight how the spread of urban legends is now facilitated through both the Internet and social media.

While much remains to be seen about the Urban Legend reboot, the lasting star power of the franchise's original films shows how important picking the right cast is. As such, McNamara's range and roles in Shadowhunters and Arrow highlight how she undoubtedly has the acting chops for a starring role in Urban Legend. Although Screen Gems and Minihan likely need a while longer before they can reveal any definitive news regarding the reboot, horror fans everywhere will continue to be on the edge of their seat until they do.


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