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The Ancient Gods Arrive In DOOM Eternal Gamescom Reveal Trailer

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The full reveal for part one of Doom Eternal's The Ancient Gods DLC made its debut during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020, and it depicts the Doom Slayer ascending into the heavens to take on new threats from the Maykr race. Doom Eternal serves as a follow-up to the wildly successful franchise reboot by Bethesda that launched in 2016. The game delves into the earliest history of the Doom Slayer, as well as pitting the famous space marines against angelic entities for the first time. Doom Eternal introduced more movement mechanics to the mix, including a welcome grappling hook addition to the Super Shotgun and some controversial wall-grabbing and platforming elements.

Since launch, expansions for the game have been focused on multiplayer, giving those who are interested in the game's unique Battlemode asynchronous deathmatch more cosmetics and a more balanced roster of demons. So far, the Ancient Gods DLC has only been teased through screenshots and a brief bit of story revealed at this year's QuakeCon. Now, the full breadth of this story expansion is on display.

The Ancient Gods will follow up on the end of Doom Eternal's campaign, which saw a demonic invasion force once again eradicated. The new story has the Doom Slayer taking the fight to the invaders, with gameplay showing off new enemies and new environments. Those new locations include expanded settings from the Makyr homeworld seen at the end of Doom Eternal as well as a new underwater locale. In one of the best shots from the new trailer released by Bethesda, the Doom Marine grips onto a submersible and dives deep into the deep ocean waters. Later on, he's transported by a gigantic demon, suggesting that there may be some sort of "the enemy is my enemy" situation between the minions of Hell and their destined Slayer.


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