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PS5 Pre-Order Signups Are Available NOW From PlayStation

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PlayStation 5 pre-order registration is open now, as Sony company is expecting there to be limited quantities when the launches at the end of the year. The PS5 is set to be released during the 2020 holiday season, but the system still lacks a price or a solid release date.

The lack of information regarding the PS5 is becoming more frustrating with each day. Sony has been promoting the machine over the past few months, with impressive reveal events and hardware demonstrations, but it has yet to answer some of the most important questions regarding the system. The first commercial for the PS5 was recently revealed, and it answered nothing regarding the price or release date.

The US PlayStation website now has a page that allows fans to register for a PS5 pre-order. This doesn't mean that pre-orders for the PS5 are actually open, but rather that potential buyers can register now for the chance to pre-order the next-gen console when it becomes available. According to the website, Sony is expecting limited numbers of PS5 units to be available at launch, so it wants the long-time customers to have the first shot at getting their hands on a system. All people need to do is to input their PlayStation Online ID, and if they're chosen, they will receive an email with further instructions.

The FAQ section on the page clarifies that people will be selected based on their PlayStation activities. Those who are selected will be able to pre-order a PS5 (either the Console or Digital edition), two DualSense controllers, two DualSense charging stations, two Pulse 3D Wireless headsets, two Media remotes, or two HD cameras. They can select any number of items from the list, but cannot order more than two of any item (except for the console, which is limited to one per customer). People from outside the USA can register for a pre-order, but only if they want the item delivered to a USA address, as any order with an address from another country will be canceled.

It feels like Sony is afraid to open pre-orders for the PS5 and is doing as much as possible while not committing to a date or a price. Registering for a pre-order is pointless if the price of a system is beyond what someone can afford. The past few months have included countless rumors regarding the PS5's launch details, and either Microsoft or Sony is going to have to break first and reveal some solid information about its next-gen system, so customers and retailers can start making plans.

The PS5 is due to be released during the 2020 holiday season.



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