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Michael Caine Says Tenet Is The Best Action Movie Ever Made

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Michael Caine is wildly impressed with Christopher Nolan's newest film, Tenet, calling it the best action movie ever made. The film has seen a surge in attention due to it finally opening in theaters after months of delays and overall speculation about its release amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Slated to open in select U.S. theaters on September 3, it has opened internationally, dominated the U.K. box office, and been screened for critics in regions where it is safe to do so. Reviews for Tenet, which have been mixed overall, most often seem to marvel at the film's technical elements while chiding its narrative shortcomings.

If there's any actor to make bold claims about Nolan's projects, it's most certainly Caine, who has appeared in every single one of the writer-director's films since 2005's Batman Begins. In Tenet, he plays a character named "Sir Michael," a British Intelligence officer who encounters John David Washington's "Protagonist" in at least one pivotal scene. Other than that, Caine has said very little about the film, likely because he didn't know much about Tenet until he saw it. Back in March, the actor revealed he knew next to nothing of the plot beyond the parts of the script his character was in.

Regardless, Caine took to Twitter to express his feelings about Tenet after finally seeing it. Perhaps Caine is a bit biased, considering his role in the very film he's dubbed the greatest in the history of the action genre. However, it's certainly a big statement to make.

Caine isn't alone in bestowing acclaim on Nolan's newest time-bender. In a now-viral tweet of his own, Tom Cruise posted about his Tenet experience, writing, "Big Movie. Big Screen. Loved it." While many might want to take Caine and Cruise's recommendations and run all the way to the cinemas with them in mind, there's still the matter of safety to consider. Not only are epidemiologists advising against people attending crowded screenings during the pandemic, even some filmmakers are warning moviegoers, imploring them to stay home. "Donโ€™t go see Tenet or any other movie in a theater. There, I said it," tweeted Scott Derrickson, director of Doctor Strange.

Despite this, Caine would clearly like audiences to show up for Tenet, with his bold claim encouraging them to do so. Many would argue there are stronger contenders for best action movie of all time, including Die Hard, Predator, or any James Bond film. But, perhaps the spectacle of Tenet is enough to vault it into such a pantheon. Of course, until a wider audience can safely see the movie, it's hard to say for sure if Caine's claim is accurate.

Tenet (2020)
Release Date: Sep 03, 2020


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