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Nintendo Switch Annapurna Sale Discounts Some Of The Best Indie Games

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In the midst of several other major Nintendo Switch sales, the Annapurna Interactive sale features several great indie games, among them well-received titles like Sayonara Wild Hearts, Ashen, and more.

Annapurna has released several great games over the last few years, and has some exciting new games on the horizon. At Gamescom 2020, the studio unveiled a new trailer for Twelve Minutes, a star-studded thriller game featuring actors like James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe. Among Annapurna's catalogue are beloved titles like Sayonara Wild Hearts, a vibrant, moody exploration of broken hearts to the beat of pop music, and story-driven mystery game What Remains of Edith Finch. The independent publisher has put their name on a diverse series of games since 2016, many of which made it into the ongoing Nintendo Switch sale and are well worth checking out.

The Annapurna Nintendo Switch sale includes a variety of beautiful games from the studio, among them Ashen, Gorogoa, and Florence. Independent game studios and publishers consistently put out some of the most memorable, beautiful games on the market, and Annapurna Interactive is no exception. Up to eight games from the Annapurna catalogue are available for sale, reduced in some cases up to 55%. The sale comes among several other end-of-summer promotions on Nintendo's website, including a large indie game publisher sale and deals on big games like Cuphead and Luigi's Mansion 3.

Annapurna's range has defined it as an indie game publisher. Annapurna Interactive is an offshoot of Annapurna Pictures, the production studio responsible for films like Her, Booksmart, and Phantom Thread. The tonal elements of the company's films can be found in the catalogue games Annapurna Interactive has published for smaller developers over the last few years. Although many of the games Annapurna has on offer differ in play style and theme, all the games remain consistent in quality. For example, Ashen debuted as a fresh, haunting take on an RPG that incorporated cooperative play. Donut Country is very different by comparison, a puzzle game that leans toward the comedic rather than the epic.

What unifies Annapurna's catalogue is the distinct attention to detail and emphasis on atmosphere, and new offerings like Twelve Minutes make it seem as though the publisher will continue in the same vein. Check out Nintendo's store for more information on the sale and to see just how many great games from Annapurna Interactive are available for the Nintendo Switch.



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