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Fortnite's Ray Tracing Makes Cartoony Battle Royale Look Gorgeous

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Nvidia has officially announced that both ray tracing and DLSS technologies are coming to Fortnite, making the cartoony battle royale game look gorgeous and realistic. The announcement comes while the Marvel universe is taking over Epic Games’ immensely popular game in a new seasonal event.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 kicked off by introducing a host of Marvel superheroes led by the Mighty Thor himself. The team of characters is opposed by the existential threat that is Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, who is currently on his way to destroy the Fortnite realm. As much as it all sounds a bit out of place, the unlikely crossover has already been confirmed as canon by Marvel. That basically means that Fortnite is now part of its global entertainment empire.

To give Fortnite an even more substantial popularity boost, it's been revealed that the battle royale title will soon be treated with RTX and DLSS support thanks to a new agreement between Nvidia and Epic. The game feels weirdly realistic in the RTX reveal trailer released by Nvidia, with all the tasty light distortions and reflections looking absolutely amazing. As detailed by the GPU maker, not only will these technologies create a beautiful, more sophisticated image, but they also improve the overall performance on PC, thanks to Tensor Cores present on GeForce GPUs belonging to 20 and 30 series. Another piece of technological advancement to take advantage of in Fortnite is Nvidia Reflex, which basically reduces the system input lag (referred to as click-to-display latency) resulting in a more responsive experience for users. This is crucial for all competitive video games, especially fast-paced ones like Fortnite.



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