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Marvel's Eternals Movie Will Have Manga Influences Teases Director Chloé Zhao

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The MCU has found its best success stories when it lets its directors do their own things and push the boundaries of their creativity. A common criticism leveled at the franchise is that many of its films follow the same formula, and that Marvel is often unwilling to move outside of its safe box. However, Eternals presents a real opportunity to expand the bounds of what the franchise is capable of, largely because it has a massive cast and a story that spans thousands of years. Based on Zhao's comments, she took that to heart in creating Eternals, and it will be thrilling to see how it all comes together.

Provided Black Widow manages to retain its November 6 release date, Eternals will still be on track for a February release. If that's the case, the first trailer will likely be released before Black Widow debuts in theaters. Fans are especially eager to see the first Eternals trailer because it will grant a proper look at the cosmic heights Zhao and her team hope to reach. There's a lot riding on this film, but it definitely sounds like it's in good hands.


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