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Dead By Daylight Coming To Next-Gen Consoles With Major Visual Upgrade

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Dead by Daylight is set for a major graphical upgrade to release with next-gen consoles this holiday season. Originally released back in 2016, Dead by Daylight has had consistent updates and developer support since the beginning. There are currently 26 available DLC packs for the game, with a mix of free and paid content.

In the last decade, there was a wave of games focused on asymmetric multiplayer gameplay. Plenty of these attempts flopped, including highly anticipated games like Evolve, often because developers had trouble balancing the intentionally uneven gameplay properly. Dead by Daylight is one of the few games from that fad that is still kicking, and it's because it has maintained an ever-shifting but balanced gameplay meta. Its developer, Behaviour Interactive, has also done an outstanding job keeping the game relevant by adding some of pop culture's favorite villains, such as Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger.

According to an official press release, Behaviour Interactive is going to release a massive graphics overhaul for Dead by Daylight alongside the next-gen console version of the game. The update will be applied to all platforms, allowing the game to run at 60fps and at 4k resolution. This and future updates will lead to an eventual remastered version. Also exciting is that players who already own a copy of Dead by Daylight and buy a next-gen console will automatically have it for free on that console, while keeping all of their progression.


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