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The Scene: A Stress Headache That Most Pirates Can Do Without

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The scene has categories for SD, 720p,1080p etc and rules for resolution, bit rates, codecs and containers and stuff like that. With a scene release you know what you are getting and its consistent. They set rules saying when HEVC can be used, compared to some random torrent site encoder who might encode 720p content in it because they can, not realising its mostly pointless. The rules have good reasons and even P2P groups use scene naming conventions because those rules are good and tell you most things you need to know about a release.

Saying that, torrent sites and p2p don't have many rules so you do get some utter crap but you also get lots of choice of different encodes that the scene wouldn't do, either because its outside of the rules or because another group won the race to get it out first. Another group might have a better quality copy at a similar bit rate or better bit rate but it will be marked as a DUPE/duplicate unless it gets released as INTERNAL.

P2P sites don't have to worry about that so you get all sorts of encodes. Its one thing where P2P outshines the Scene, simply because it does not abide by those rules.

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