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What Next Gen Console will you be Pre-ordering?

Next Gen consoles to Pre-order  

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  1. 1. What will you pre-order?

    • PS5
    • Xbox Series X
    • None
    • What's a console?

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As the title suggests, I will probably get the PS5 first and then probably later on down the line get the new Xbox possibly just for Playpass.

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not gonna pre-order anything probably, but most def i will be getting a ps5 when i get a good deal on it. simply love their exclusives, and am a fan of Soulsborne so.... not much of a choice. 😄

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None at the moment gonna wait a while till I get a new GPU for my computer. 

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Honestly speaking, The xbox has a way more bang for your buck. The xbox offers so much more than the PS5 (in anything other than games), Xbox is going all out on backwards compatibility and are legit going to do XBOX 360 GAMES; and sure, sony is going to go all the way back to PS3 too, but they'll only let a few select games on the PS5 from the PS3. Xbox on the other hand is going to have all discs from the Xbox 360 read-able on the Xbox Series X. 

The xbox series x even has better specs than the PS5, and sure its not a BIG difference, but big enough to be a main punching-point for the Xbox. Mind you, they're giving you a 1000 GB compared to the 825 GB from the PS5, yet both consoles are priced the same. 

I'm telling you guys, the only reason Sony will win this gen is because of the amazing exclusive collection sony garnered up for the release. I thought microsoft would at least try to get some exclusives in for their console, but alas, sony used their old victory to win another battle.

Now, you'd think that since i'm praising Xbox so much, i'd pre-order an xbox...right?

I'm going team sony. Sure, xbox has better specs and a killer gamepass, but the specs difference is managable and overall, its not like the PS5 is a bad gaming device, its an immensely powerful machine. But the main reason is that the PS5 jsut has too many gaming exclusives to miss out on, i'm not missing out on Spider-man: miles morales and so much more! You must think i'm sick to do that.

So yeah, PS5 for me baby.

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