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Jonathan Majors Officially cast as Marvel Villain 'Kang the Conquerer'.

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Following the recent news that Lovecraft County star Jonathan Majors has joined the cast of upcoming Marvel sequel, Ant-Man 3, potentially as supervillain Kang the Conqueror, fans have taken to social media to share their own opinions on this debacle. 

Many comic marvel fans would know 'Kang the conquerer' as a villain with the ability to time travel, truly a force not to be reckoned with. This ability has always caused the avengers and many other superheroes trouble, always leading in a huge fight of survival for the whole world; and seeing how grand his schemes are, many fans are having concerns as to why Kang was casted in a sequel to Ant-man.

Fans pointed out that if Kang were truly to be adapted as the main big-baddy as he is in the comics, he would need to be as big as thanos was in the previous 2 avengers films, so it seems very off-putting to see him be cast in a solo hero-flick. However, many fans have pointed out that maybe Jonathan was cast as Kang for a post-credit scene, which is a common trend among all the MCU films which always tease and hint to a bigger-grander plot coming up soon for the heroes to face and undoubtably leave fans hyped for whats next.


Even though fans have mixed but mostly well recieved opinions on the casting, only time will tell how Kang will be brought in to the MCU, and how it all unravels around Ant-man.

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