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3 hours ago, TheLegendary said:

Hi guys, any one knows a good Asia Tracker ? 


i have M-Team. TTG, HDSky, Aviztaz, CHDBits, TB-Asia...

the have more ? 

Depends what you want to download.

TTG and HDSky is very hard to in, TTG is home of TTG, WiKi and etc, HDSky is home of HDS ( i think)

HDSky is almost impossible to in, and same as CHDBits,

mteam invites are now a days little bit hard to get and problem is you have to give the staff, how you know each other, inviter and person who was invited, if you tell them you get it from public place, they will banned both of you, otherwise also banned the person who was invited, it has also p0rn, and almost all encodes from  chinese encoders groups,

mteam is home of mteam, chdbits most of known for its chdbits remuxes..


Avistaz invites are not hard than above trackers, may be they have less content than others...


i do not know much about tb-asia

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