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Diabotical Offers $30,000 in Mapmaking Contest

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Free-to-play arena shooter Diabotical has been growing in popularity rapidly since its launch on the Epic Games Store on September 3. Developer GD Studio has made over 15 game modes available, as well as ranked and solo queues for players to choose from. Like other classic arena shooters, GD Studio has also made a map editor available to Diabotical players. In order to reward mapmakers, GD Studio is now offering a $30,000 prize for creators.

GD Studio calls it the Season 1 Mapping Contest. The team is challenging map creators to create unique maps for three of Diabotical's most-popular game modes, which will then be used in Diabotical Season 2. The three different styles/modes will include duels, 4 versus 4 teams, as well as time trials. 4 versus 4 team maps can also be used for modes including Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, MacGuffin, and Freeze Tag.

The way the contest works is mapmakers will have until November 15 to put together their initial submission. After submissions close, GD Studio will pick 10 of their favorites from each of the three categories. These 10 maps will also receive feedback, so mapmakers will be able to polish them through December 15. GD Studio will then rank the final 10 maps and will give out rewards to the top 5 in each category. While not all of them will make it into the game, "the best" absolutely will. Someone could make the next legendary arena shooter map.

Judges will be rating each map based on Fun Factor and Gameplay, Originality and Creativity, Visual Presentation, and Polish. And while it should go without saying, basing maps on other games is a no go, so recreating Unreal Tournament's Facing Worlds isn't going to work. Regardless, it's a great opportunity for aspiring or experienced level designers looking to create something for a great game.

Diabotical is available now on PC.
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