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Rumor: Titanfall 3 Is In Active Development

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After forming in the wake of the Activision and Infinity Ward legal battle, Respawn Entertainment has been one of EA's most successful studios. While the company currently has its hands full with the popular battle royale game Apex Legends, a new VR experience in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, and the sequel to the hit 2019 release, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, new evidence suggest the studio is returning to its popular franchise, Titanfall.

According to details from reputable Apex Legends dataminers, Titanfall 3 is already in active development behind the scenes at Respawn. The first to highlight this information came from TheNeon_Beast, a person well known for being an inside source for Apex Legends. Although the Tweet has since been deleted, TheNeon_Beast originally posted that "Titanfall 3 is for real" and even with different sources, the rumor remains the same.

The information was then corroborated by another popular dataminer called Biast12. Known for their work finding information on Apex Legends, Biast not only shared the original comment from TheNeon_Beast but followed it up with their own confirmation that what they were saying was true and that Titanfall 3 is real. Oddly enough, Biast's Tweets relating to Titanfall 3 have also since been removed.


Naturally, these comments don't mean much until an official word from EA or Respawn comes out, though the potential of returning to the popular franchise is no doubt exciting for fans. However, the information does contradict with the studio's current stance on the franchise. Publicly, the company has continually stated that there's nothing currently in development regarding the Titanfall franchise which is enjoying its sixth season.

While Apex Legends may be the studio's big focus for now, the company has softened its view on the Titanfall series. Over the past few months, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella admitted that he's interested in seeing the franchise come back, going as far as saying he'd see if he could make something happen. Even EA, who owns the studio, has mentioned that something could come down the road if the opportunity arose.

The major roadblock for the series seems to have come down to the fact that Titanfall 2, even though it was a major hit with critics and fans, wasn't a financial boon like EA had hoped. While it could be argued that launching the game between major FPS franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty was ill-advised, Respawn has since put all of its attention on Apex Legends, which has no doubt proven itself to be a big money maker for the company.

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Hell yes, I loved titanfall 2. I got it as the free game of the month with PSN, it truly is a blessing to be a new-gamer in 2020, you get to play great games on a very low price and don't have to wait long for those games' sequel. Its truly a blessing in disguise. 

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