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Mundaun Creator Talks About Building Horror Game's Setting and Atmosphere

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At a recent event, Game Rant got the chance to watch demo gameplay of the artsy-horror game Mundaun, a title in which players will uncover a dark supernatural mystery in the regions surrounding the imposing mountain peak after which the game is named. The game's textures are all hand-drawn in pencil, providing a uniquely eerie air, but the evocative setting and overwhelming atmosphere were the most compelling features showcased at the event. In a brief Q&A after the event, the game's creator shed a little more light on how he built the alpine setting to evoke both awe and dread.

Mundaun takes place in a semi-open world, separated into three large levels, each with a totally different feel. In the preview, creator Michel Ziegler walked publisher MWM Interactive's EVP Ethan Stearns through part of the second area, a region defined by lakes and sparse, stony land. The preview started in a quant artist's cottage and showcased exploration, surreal puzzles, and creepy beekeeper enemies standing in the way of a few key items.
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