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Rumor: Xbox Game Pass Adding Major Ubisoft Game

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Xbox Game Pass continues to offer plenty of value for gamers, with the service consistently updated to offer more new games to jump into. The latest addition to Game Pass, if a recent tease is anything to go by, is a major multiplayer game from Ubisoft.

Though Microsoft just recently announced the addition of LucasArts remasters like Grim Fandango to Game Pass, the company wasted no time teasing what is coming next to the platform. The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account posted an image with no text that featured a castle and a rainbow, a seemingly random and confusing post from the account. Fans were quick to realize that there was more to see in the image, however.

Rather than being a tease for one of the previously announced games coming to Game Pass, it's possible the teaser is for an entirely new addition. Rather than looking at the castle and rainbow portion of image, a look outside the castle showcases a group of knights preparing trebuchets. With that in mind, it does not take long to recognize that the soldiers outside are preparing to attack the castle in a siege. From there, fans have deciphered that the clever teaser is for Rainbow Six Siege.

With consistent support for the game including additional maps, modes, and operators, Siege has grown quite a bit in recent years. The extremely tactical first-person shooter may be seeing its slow-paced, methodical gameplay brought to Game Pass subscribers soon if this tease is anything to go by. When the game does arrive to the service (if this tease really is referencing Siege), the recently discussed rework for Tachanka will likely be off of the PC test server and part of the actual game.

Ubisoft seems to be doing everything it can to keep Rainbow Six Siege talked about among series fans, as it recently brought Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher to Siege as part of September’s Shadow Legacy operation. With a three-player co-op spinoff on the way called Quarantine, which aims to put a terrifying twist on the Rainbow Six formula, the series does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. A release on Xbox Games Pass could be a perfect opportunity for players to catch up on the new content added to Siege, bringing in new players for Ubisoft in the process.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the rumored addition of Siege to Game Pass, so players will need to wait for official confirmation before getting excited. Until then, Game Pass subscribers can dive into the recently added games Doom Eternal and Brutal Legend.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
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