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Watch Every Outriders Trailer Revealed So Far

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Outriders is set for release in early 2021, and it will be a third-person shooter set in outer space that has RPG elements and customizable characters. Because Square Enix is publishing the game so close to the beginning of a new console gen, some people are speculating that Outriders will be a big hit in the sci-fi genre, beating out some more anticipated games. While it remains to be seen exactly what impact Outriders will have in its genre, it has some hype built up already, especially around some intriguing-sounding classes like the time-manipulating Trickster and powerful Technomancer.

The launch dates for the Xbox Series X and PS5 put a lot of factor up in the air for a lot of games still in development, and some fans were initially disappointed to see Outriders being delayed out of a Holiday 2020 release window. Unlike some games stuck in development hell, Outriders fans were lucky enough to see the release date only being moved as far back as February 2021, which isn't that much time. Still, fans have gotten to see sneak peaks of gameplay via the progression of trailers.

E3 2019 Reveal Trailer
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