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What are your all-time favorite TV series/anime?

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I like many TV Series. It's hard to select favourites among them, but here are a few.

- Designated Survivor

- The Last Ship

- The Good Wife & Suits

- Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

- Game of Thrones 

- Grey's Anatomy


- Death Note

- Naruto & Boruto

- One Piece

- Tower of God, etc. 

What are yours?

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i like the show called twin peaks

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I've watched quite a few tv series but these stand out for me:

-Breaking Bad (perfection)

-The Wire

-Game of thrones (until season 6)

-Dexter (first 5 seasons)

-Battlestar Galactica

-Black Sails


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TV Series:

Band of Brothers

The Pacific

Breaking Bad



Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 

Slam Dunk

Hajime No Ippo

One Punch Man (WANPANMAN)



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I am an eternal lover of, and my most watched/favorited show, Bones.


Also Legend of the Seeker - BRING IT BACK

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One Outs - Great baseball based anime with insane mind games.
Log Horizon - Better Sword Art Online with way better character development.
FLCL - Absolutely amazing surreal series, portrays the transformation of kids getting into adolescence in the weirdest manner.
Kill La Kill - Unique art style, great plot and characters, 10/10 would recommend.

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I've seen alot of TV-Shows too, it's hard... But: 

Band of Brothers
Burn Notice
Bron/Broen/The Bridge
Dexter (Season 1-4, I've seen every season but was disappointed) 
Peaky Blinders
Prison Break (Season 1 & 2)
The Wire 
True Detective (Season 1 & 3)
White Collar

I can keep going forever, but here is a few that are worth watching.

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I can add some to the list:

Gravity Falls (Animation)
Mr. Robot

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