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What are your all-time favorite TV series/anime?


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One Outs - Great baseball based anime with insane mind games.
Log Horizon - Better Sword Art Online with way better character development.
FLCL - Absolutely amazing surreal series, portrays the transformation of kids getting into adolescence in the weirdest manner.
Kill La Kill - Unique art style, great plot and characters, 10/10 would recommend.

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I've seen alot of TV-Shows too, it's hard... But: 

Band of Brothers
Burn Notice
Bron/Broen/The Bridge
Dexter (Season 1-4, I've seen every season but was disappointed) 
Peaky Blinders
Prison Break (Season 1 & 2)
The Wire 
True Detective (Season 1 & 3)
White Collar

I can keep going forever, but here is a few that are worth watching.

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I personally really like these:

- Dark (It's a German sci/fi series about time, which has the most mind-bending and mind-blowing plot ever!! Really recommend if you like to actually think while your watching, and trust me even how crazy it gets, it'll all makes sense and it's and everything ends up being well explained the end. And for once the ending is not predictable and disappointing at all!!!  One thing though if you watch it, PLEASSE watch it subbed and not dubbed, it really ruins the vibe of the show)

- Gravity Falls (Just the greatest animation series of all time!!!!)

- Game of Thrones(though only season 1-5, the rest is a disgrace a should not be mentioned)


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