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Disney Removes Death On The Nile From Release Schedule

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Disney is making another adjustment to their movie release schedule, taking Death on the Nile off the schedule just a month and a half before it was set to premiere. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the movie release schedule across the entertainment industry, delaying the premieres of blockbuster movies like Black Widow and No Time to Die. On Thursday, coronavirus struck again.

A release from Disney announced Death on the Nile was being taken off the release schedule altogether; it was set to bow on December 18, 2020, just ahead of the Christmas holiday. At the moment, it's not clear when it will be rescheduled. The same holds true for Disney film Free Guy, which just had its December 11 release canceled.

For Death on the Nile, the shift in release strategy is nothing new. The follow-up to Murder on the Orient Express was originally set to come out before the holidays in 2019, on December 20. Since then, it has been moved numerous times, first to October 9, 2020, then to October 23, 2020, then finally to December 18, 2020, before being taken off the schedule altogether.

The poor box office performance of Tenet and the rising surge of new coronavirus cases around the United States and the world made a release in December unrealistic. Still, it's disheartening not to see the movie placed on the schedule at a later date, with the film now in danger of falling off the radar completely. Hopefully, Death on the Nile finds a new spot on Disney's schedule in the coming weeks.
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