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PS5 Won't Support SSD Storage Expansion At Launch

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Some of these new developments surround the PS5's much-hyped SSD memory unit, which is said to render the console’s stunning high-definition graphics more efficiently than even some gaming PCs. Even better, customers will be able to purchase attachable SSD expansion units to beef up their PS5’s storage space at an affordable price, but it seems that they will have to wait to plug them into the console.

As reported by The Verge earlier today, Sony has confirmed that while the PlayStation 5 will ship with a dedicated internal slot for inserting stand-alone SSD units, it won’t be compatible with them right out of the box, stating that “[T]his is reserved for a future update.” PlayStation hardware architect Mark Cerny had previously implied that this would be the case during his expansive Road To PS5 presentation back in March, where he noted that compatibility for additional SSDs would likely come “a bit past” the console’s launch.

This delay in the ability to connect another SSD to the PS5 for added storage space might be problematic for some players at launch, since the one already inside the system is said to only allow 667 GB of room for launch games like Astro's Playroom or Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In comparison, the PS5's primary competition in the new console generation, Microsoft's Xbox Series X, is about 100GB larger, although its attachable Seagate 1 TB expansion card will reportedly cost more than the PS5's SSD expansion drives.

The reveal that players will have to wait until a future downloadable update to connect another Solid-State Drive to their PlayStation 5 is a disappointing one, but the blow is softened by another reveal that the console will support USB external storage right out of the gate - which will also serve as a means to play digital PS4 titles on the PS5 per its previously reported backward compatibility. In the meantime, players will just have to be more mindful of the space they use on their SSD when the PlayStation 5 launches next week.
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