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Xbox Series X Review: Super Fast and Super Familiar

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The Xbox Series X is the quintessential Xbox device, a gaming console that embraces its lineage as much as it lays groundwork for the future. The promise of Microsoft's latest gaming hardware innovation is to deliver speed in every way possible and pair it with four generations of Xbox game libraries.

This juxtaposition between old software and new hardware puts the timing and offering of the Xbox Series X, and its less powerful sibling, the Xbox Series S, in a rather peculiar space. What good are these next-gen features and sheer power if there are no new software applications that can truly take advantage of it? There are, after all, zero Xbox Series X exclusive games available at launch.

The vision of the Xbox Series X is a longer-term and broader one and while it will take time to see what innovation and visuals come from the higher standard of power the next-gen Xbox offers, there's still much value in the short-term to be had. The Series X builds on what the Xbox One's iterations (namely the Xbox One X) shifted toward in embracing 4K console gaming. In some cases, up to 120 frames per second and DirectX Raytracing are support
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